What do Turtles Eat ?

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What do turtles eat ?

Some of you may not aware of this thing, is it vegetable or meat or what? Before you know about what turtles eat, the thing that you need to know first is what kind of turtle is that? And where it lives? It is different between pet turtle and wild turtle about what kind of food that they eat. And here are the information to let you know every information about, what do turtles eat:

what do turtles eat



Turtles could digest fruit very well, but not all of them. But fruit might only can be fed to a pet turtles that lives in a house, because it is nearly impossible for a wild turtle to find a fruit for themselves. The fruits that turtle could eat are, strawberries, apples, grapes, banana, tomato, mango, and cantaloupe. First answer for the what do turtles eat question.

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Some greens also good for turtles, and pet turtles or even wild turtles could get some greens easily for them to eat. Almost every green vegetables are suit for turtles stomach. If a pet turtle could eat lettuce, spinach, and kale, the wild turtles could eat almost every green that they could find in the wild.


Flowers are also good for both pet turtles or wild turtles. Flowers could be found almost everywhere, in your fully maintained garden or even in a deep forest. So it is really easy for wild turtles to get some flowers to eat and it is alsp easy for you to feed your turtles with some flowers on your garden. But not every flowers are suit for turtles, it is better to give them geraniums, dandelions, lilies, carnations, and petunias.


Some vegetables are turtles favourite, but same with the fruits these foods might be perfect for a pet turtle, because it is hard for a wild turtle to find some vegetables to eat. Almost all vegetables are good for turtles but it is better to only give your pet turtles, beans, beets, carrots, corn, peas, squash, and yams.


Most of the turtles are known as a carnivore, they are meat eaters, so besides the greens and vegetables some proteins are also needed by turtles. Even for wild turtle it is quite easy for them to find some food that has a lot of protein like, crickets, snails, and also earthworms. And for the pet turtles a hard boiled eggs would be enough for them. And protein is the last answer of the what do turtles eat question that you need to know.

Basically turtles could eat almost everything, vegetables, fruit, or even meat their stomach are really strong and could digest all of that food easily. But for pet turtles, to keep it healthy try not to give dairy products like, cheese, milk, or yogurt turtles can’t digest dairy products very well and you would end up making it sick. Hope all of this basic information about turtles could help you to know more about what do turtles eat.

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What do Turtles Eat

What Do Box Turtles Eat ?

What do box turtles eat ? But before you know about what are box turtles food, first you need to know about what kind of turtles is the box turtles itself? There are two kinds of box turtles, the american box turtles and also the asian box turtles. But they are not so different, the only thing that differentiate them is only the place where they born. And now for you who want to take this turtle as a pet or even found this turtle in a wild and confuse about what do box turtles eat, here are the list of foods that box turtles eat:

what do box turtles eat


Actually box turtles eat everything that they could catch. And most of them are known as an invertebrates, they eat a lot of insects that is in their reach like a millipedes, earthworms, or any other insects that they could catch.


And for you who want to keep a box turtles as a pet, then you could feed them some fruits. It is good for box turtles to eat some fruits like apples, melon, and also some berries. Just remember to not give your box turtles some dairy products, because it stomachs couldn’t digest dairy products and you would end up making it sick.


It is known for box turtles first five or six year to become a carnivores. The old box turtles are herbivores but the young box turtles are tends to eat meat that vegetables. For wild box turtles they could find their own meat, but for a pet box turtle you could feed them a hair-boiled eggs or a cooked meat for them.

Box turtles actually could eat almost everything, start from some vegetables, fruits, some greens, up to insects and also meats the box turtles could digest all of that food easily. So you don’t have to worry to give your pet box turtles or wild box turtles some food. Hope this information could help you to know more about what do box turtles eat.

What Do Sea Turtles Eat ?

What do sea turtles eat ? Sea turtles eat a lot of things in the ocean. But before you know what they eat, first you need to know about the sea turtles itself first. Sea turtles or marine turtles has more than one species, the green, the loggerheads, the kemp’s ridley, the olive ridley, the hawksbill, the flatback, and the leatherback. But most of are eating the same food that they could find in the ocean. Sea turtles are not meant to be pet that you could keep in your house, sea turtles only could live in the ocean not in any other place. And some of you might be really curious about what do sea turtles eat, to to cure it here are the list of food that sea turtles eat:

what do sea turtles eat

Sea Grasses

Some sea turtles are herbivorous and the rest are carnivorous. The green sea turtles has a great serrated jaw so they could easily eat some sea grasses. There is a lot of sea grasses in the ocean, so the sea turtles could find it anywhere and eat it everytime they want.


Algae also good for sea turtles, most of the sea turtles eat algae to fullfil their daily needs of food. But a young sea turtles is usually a carnivorous one and only the old sea turtles that the herbivorous one.

Ocean Creatures

To eat some odan creatures the hawksbill jaw and head are really perfect for this. Their narrow head and an acute angle could make them easily get some food from the inside part of a hard coral reefs. The things that they eat are, sponges, shrimps, squids, and tunicates.


And to eat some meat the sea turtles need to have a strong jaw to grind it. Loggerheads and ridley are perfect for meat. They usually eat some crabs, mollusca, jellyfish, and shrimps. And that is the last answer to the what do sea turtles eat.

What Do Snapping Turtles Eat ?

What do snapping turtles eat ? Snapping turtles is a big freshwater turtle. The snapping turtles are well known for having a beak-like jaws that could tear all of the meats that they are going to eat. When they are in the water they tend to like to burry themselves under the sands and sediment, this is not a common turtle that used to be a pet in your house. This turtle could live best in wild or in a breeding place. And back again to the question what do snapping turtles eat? And here are the food list that snapping turtles could eat:

what do snapping turtles eat

Small Fish

Snapping turtles loves to eat alive foods like a small fish. But if you do have a snapping turtles as a pet you could by some small fish in a pet store to give it to your snapping turtles as theur food. The perfect fish for snapping turtles are minnows or goldfish.


Or you could feed your snapping turtles with some crayfish that you could buy in a bait store. Crayfish is good and perfect for snapping turtle because they could use a full function of their jaw beak-like.


Crickets also perfect for snapping turtles you could also buy it in a bait stores. Buy a bunch of crickets and simply pour all of it in the pond then your snapping turtle would easily catch one by one crickets.

Frozen Fish

If you couldn’t find any fresh fish you could always buy a frozen fish for your snapping turtle. They could differentiate a fresh fish or even a frozen fish.


Eventhough they are a carnivorous turtles, they still need to eat some fruits to balance it. Apples or anh other berries are perfect for snapping turtles. You could give your snapping turtles different kind of fruits at once. This is the last food to answer what do snapping turtles eat.

What Do Baby Turtles Eat ?

What do baby turtles eat ? Slightly different with the green turtles. Baby turtles also eat some vegetables, fruit and also meat. They need to fulfill all of their daily nutrition in order to grown healthy and normal. But baby turtles couldn’t eat every kind of vegetables, fruit, and also meat. There are some things that they couldn’t eat and some things that really perfect for them. And to make it easier for you to know what do baby turtles eat, here are the food list that baby turtles could eat:

what do baby turtles eat


What baby turtles eat are depends on what kind of baby turtles species they are. If they are the red-eared sliders, they tend to like meats more that vegetables. For babies it is better for you to give them a small sized meat like crickets, snails, and eartgworms has a lot of proteins that good for baby turtles.


Some baby turtles usually only eat meats until thy grow up. But the green sea turtles usually plants and also meats together. They usually eat some sea grasses, algae, along with some small crabs, and also squid. But when green sea turtles grow up they tend to eat plenty of plants than meats.


If you have baby turtles as a pet in your house, then to give a good protein source to your baby turtles you could give them some insects instead of meat. A crickets or a millipedes are perfect for your small baby turtles.

Baby turtles actually an omnivores they eat everything that they could catch, but if you have baby turtles for pet just remember to not give any dairy products for it, because baby turtles couldn’t digest any kind of dairy product like milk, cheese or yogurt, if you insist to give them some dairy products you would end up making them sick. And there are the information to help you to know more about what do baby turtles eat.

What Do Baby Snapping Turtles Eat ?

What do baby snapping turtles eat ? Baby snapping turtles food type is not so different with the grown snapping turtle. If the grown one mostly eat plenty of vegetable for the rest of their live. The baby snapping turtles are tend to like meat more than vegetable, they are actually an omnivore and could eat anything on their reach, but they prefer to eat some meat than vegetables at their first 6 years. A snapping turtles is a small sized turtles that has a long tail and a beak-like jaws that use to tear some meat. And if you have one snapping turtles in your house as a pet and you still confuse about what do baby snapping turtles eat, here are the food list that good for baby snapping turtles:

what do baby snapping turtles eat


Since baby turtles are usually carnivores then fish would be a perfect food for them. For the baby snapping turtles you could feed them some small fish that suit with their size of mouth, to get the perfect fish you could simply go to the pet store and ask the owner to give the best fish to feed your baby snapping turtles.


If you couldn’t find any small fish, then you could choose insects for alternatives. Baby snapping turtles also love a live food that they could chase and catch so it makes baby snapping turtles feel like in its natural habitat. And the insects that you could give to your baby snapping turtle are crickets, earthworms, or even snail and you could easily find it all at a bait store.


Eventhough the baby snapping turtles love meat so much, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need any greens like vegetables. This food is very important for baby snapping turtles by giving them some meats and greens your turtles nutrition would balance and it would lives healthy and also happily. And this are the last answer for what do baby snapping turtles eat?

What Do Pet Turtles Eat ?

What do pet turtles eat ? Not so different with the wild turtles, pet turtles also eat some meats and vegetables to balance their nutrition. The only thing that differentiate the best food for pet turtles is, what kind of turtles that you have? But most of the turtles usually eat the same kind of food. But if you still curious about what do pet turtles eat? Here are the food list that your pet turtles could eat:

what do pet turtles eat


For your pet turtles, it is good for you to give your pet turtles some fruits. To make it easier for your pet turtles to eat, you could cut the fruits into small pieces then pour it to your pet turtles pond or even tank. And the best fruit that you could give to your pet turtles are some apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, and any other kind of berries.


Some vegetables are also perfect for your pet turtles. And the best vegetables that they likes are some leaf vegetables, lettuce, spinach is their favourite. But, some carrots, bests, and beans are also perfect for them because they stomach could digest vegetables easily. So you could give your pet turtles 1 up to 2 kind of vegetables at once.


Because turtles also love to eat meat, then you could give them some insect that they like the most. Crickets, snails, and earthworms are the group of insects that turtles like the most. And the insects are also easy to find at a bait store.


Small fish could be another choice that you could try to feed your pet turtles. To findW the best fish for your pet turtles, simply go to the nearest pet store and you could find the best fish for your pet turtles. But goldfish usually become a perfect choice for pet turtles. And there are the answer for what do pet turtles eat?

 What Do Water Turtles Eat ?

What do water turtles eat ? Water turtles, or the sea turtles, or marine turtles is the species that we could find freely swim in the ocean. Same with the other turtles the water turtles is also an omnivore that eat both meats and also plants to fulfill their daily nutritions. But, if the young water turtles eats plenty of meats, the old turtles are tend to eat more plants. And for you who curious about what do water turtles eat, here are the list of food that water turtles could eat:

what do water turtles eat


The old water turtles loves to eat a lot of plants, and for them algaes are one of the most favourite plants that they could find in the ocean. The algaes are everywhere and also easy to find, so the water turtles could eat as much algaes as they want also at any time they want it.


Seaweed also become one of old water turtles favourite foods. Same with the algaes, seaweed also could be found in almost every ocean, so it would not be so hard for them to find it and eat it any time they want to eat it.


And for the young water turtles they could eat some shrimps to fulfill their daily nutritions. The young water turtles could swim so far to find a group of shrimps and eat it until their stomach full. Young water turtles also eat some plants but not as much as they eat meat.


Water turtles loves jellyfish so much. The jellyfish is much bigger than the shrimps so the young water turtles could eat only a couple of jellyfish then that’s enough for them. But nowadays a lot of people are throwing their trashes into the ocean, and sometimes the water turtles couldn’t see a difference between jellyfish and plastic bag. So they would end up eating plastic bag, get sick, then die. So it is better for human to think more about nature than themselves. And that is the last answer for what do water turtles eat?

What Do Wild Turtles Eat ?

What do wild turtles eat? Not so different with the pet turtles, wild turtles also eat some meats and vegetables to fulfill their daily nutritions. But to know what do wild turtles eat, first you need to know about what species of turtles that you want to know about. Because some turtles are lives in different environment so their foods are also completely different. And to make it easier for you, here are some wild turtles species along with their foods that you need to know:

what do wild turtles eat

Box Turtles

Box turtles is one of the species of turtles that you could find in most of people’s house as a pet. This turtles actually an omnivore, they would eat anything that’s on their reach, the young box turtles usually eat plenty of meats to fill their stomach, and the old box turtles eats plenty of vegetables. And the foods that box turtles usually eat are, snails, earthworms, caterpillars, spiders, flowers, berries, grasses, or some fallen fruits.

Sea Turtles

And sea turtles are the only one that we could see in the ocean or even in a zoo. Sea turtles couldn’t be one of pet turtles that you could keep at home. Some people also called sea turtles as the marine turtles. And for sea turtles food, it is also depends on their ages. Young sea turtles usually eats plenty of meats like shrimps, small fish, or some clams. And the old turtles eats a lot of sea grasses, and algae to fill their nutritions.

Painted Turtles

Painted turtles are really small, cute and come with a bright colored shell that attract people’s attentions. This turtle usually become a pet turtles that live in a tank filled with some sands, water, and also branches to give them a realistic look of their natural habitat. And the painted turtles usually est some insects, grasses, or small fish. And there are the answer for what do wild turtles eat?


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