What do Pet Turtles Eat ?

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What do Pet Turtles Eat – Pet turtles is different with the wild turtle, if the wild turtle born and live in the wild, the pet turtle usually born in a tank or even terrarium and also raised by human. So the nutrition that pet turtles and wild turtles get is different, the pet turtles sometimes get more nutritions than the wild turtles, and pet turtles also has a longer lifetime than the wild turtle because the environment of pet turtle more secure than the wild turtle.


But there is a good thing that you could find in feeding a pet turtle, is that you could easily get all of the food at the pet store. So when you get yourself a pet turtle and you don’t know anything about what do pet turtles eat then you don’t need to worry about it. So different with the wild turtles food. And then, for you who new with turtles, here are some of the food lispeto answer your what do pet turtles eat question:

what do pet turtles eat

What Do Pet Turtles Eat ?

Different with the wild turtles, the pet turtles usually eat pellet or even gel supplement, from baby to adult they usually eat this. It is really different with the wild turtles that usually eat live bait or even raw meat. But if you want to give your pet turtles something different then you could also give them raw meat or live bait like cricket, snail, slug, worm, or any other insect.

What Can Turtles Eat From Human Food?

Actually all of the human food could also be eaten by a pet turtle. Such as a vegetables that human usually eat, turtles could also eat it such as carrot, zucchini, tomatoes or even some green leaf. And turtles could also eat some fruit just like human did such as, apple, grape, pear, raspberry, strawberry and many more but remember the pet turtles love to eat a whole apple, and also berries so don’t chop it for them just leave the fruits with its original shape.

Can Turtles Eat Lettuce?

Since most of the turtles species are omnivores so turtles do enjoy eating lettuce. In fact lettuce just like their main menu that you could give it to them every single day. But to give your pet turtles food variety you could also give them some other food like raw meat, or even insects. Or if you want to give your pet turtles something special, you could simply make a homemade turtles food.

How To Make A Homemade Turtles Food?

It is really easy to make a turtle food by yourself, it is as simple as making a fruit pudding. The things that you would need are reptile gelatin, fruits, vegetables, and also some raw meat. For reptile gelatin you could buy it from any pet store that you could find, and for fruits you could choose apple, or any other berries, vegetables you could choose green leaf, carrot, or tomato, and then for raw meat you could choose between a tuna meat or even some insects. To make this food is really simple, you only need to make the gelatin mixture by just simply follow the procedures from thr package, then chop all of the ingredients into a really small pieces, and then mix it all together put it in an ice cube tray freeze it overnight, and it is ready to serve. It is really easy to make a pet turtles food by yourself, and it is also contains with a lot of ingredients that turtles like.

Food That Turtles Couldn’t Eat?

If you have a turtle as a pet then this is the most important that you need to know about turtles. You need to know about which food that your turtles could eat and which food that forbidden for your turtles. From the information above we have known that turtles are omnivores so they could eat vegetables, fruits, and also meat. But there is one particular food that turtles couldn’t eat, and it is a dairy products. You must know that reptile are lactose intolerant, so they couldn’t digest any dairy products like milk, cheese or even chocolate. So besides knowing about what do pet turtles eat you also need to know about what turtles couldn’t eat.

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