Tips for International Travel: Complete to be Comfortable  

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Tips for International Travel: Complete to be Comfortable


How to do fun international travel

Anyone who would go abroad certainly needs tips for international travel. The more detailed, reasoned, useful, and effective, then it means that tips is complete. The more complete data that we need to take, the more comfort we could obtain. I have complete travel tips and I think this is effective, and it may be beneficial to you.


For security & health

  • Bring it, its copies; leave some copies in your home or in your trusted friends at home, and save scan images of your passport. Once your passport lost or gets stolen, its copy will help, it will be able to prove citizenship and ease the next new passport. Leaving copies of passport at home and passport scan images are just for extra backup. Do also for other important documents.
  • Register in embassy. By registering my name in embassy of my country in the country I visit, it can help me safe whenever there will be dangers happen in the country. It’s one smart way of tips for international travel.
  • Be sure the insurances and check-up with doctor. Double check of my travel and health insurance is very important. Also, I make sure my health, and proper vaccinations if I need it.



  • Just try to get information of update monetary conversion before going, in convincing bank. I prefer to change some dollars in my country before I go, so that I bring some local cash in my wallet.
  • I will keep to bring my credit card, so I try to understand first whether there are same bank network with my cards or not. I will ask to my credit card provider to make sure whether I can use my credit card in my destination country or not. It’s important if sometimes I need to shop in super market, restaurant, or hotel.
  • I try to find information whether I need to pay country’s entrance/exit fees or not. Some countries charge travelers who in and out with $25 to $200. Umm.. Sure it’s a part that we don’t want it. Haha..


Do wide research

  • I will buy some tickets in advance to find more deals targeted, according with places I will visit. By doing this, I won’t be regret with my conclusion then because I’ve known.
  • I try to understand my destination country’s condition. This relates to politics, economy, security, culture, the ease, or the difficult possibility I may find.
  • Preparing guidebooks. Guidebooks can be local map, country map, certain common terms there, or other useful information. Uhm.. Sometimes I need my direction tool.



  • I will bring my iPhone, download apps that I need, turn off some unuseful features, and bring charger adapter. And I also bring one other mobile phone to make call globally. There’re so many iPhone international travel tips for us.



  • I will bring an extra set of clothes in my carry-on bag. I don’t want the airline lost my luggage, so it just to anticipate. Buying clothes in other country could be very wasteful. This just one of cheap international travel
  • I just bring one backpack which is include my ultrabook, note, pen, iPhone in Off condition, one other mobile phone, little snack, and all my documents.


Well, those above are my complete tips for international travel to be comfort, so that I obtain pleasure. So, how about you?

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