Pet Air Travel in General You Should Know

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Pet Air Travel in General You Should Know


Is there any air travel for pet?


For those who would first require pet air travel, they may ask this. Most of us have pet together at home. It’s hard to leave our pet that have been used together in daily life for a long time, especially if there are no people at home who can take care of him. When your mind is about to go it’s hard to let it alone without care and friends. Your pet must have certain significance for you, whether it‘s a dog, cat, bird, or a rooster. You need to take it with you fly. Generally, if you want to take your pet to your air travel, they may transport in cargo or in the baggage.


So, there are many (but not all) airlines allow pets in the airplanes. However, all passengers who want to take pets with them should bear in mind the following points:


  1. Make sure your pet will be in cargo or baggage. It is important to determine whether your pets will be transported as cargo or baggage, as they relate to the requirements and the cost. Usually cargo acceptance procedures earlier than baggage acceptance, at least 8 hours prior to schedule flight departure. Generally, the cost of cargo is cheaper than the cost as baggage.


  1. Make sure you get valid Airlines information about the terms and conditions for pet travel. You have to understand that each Airlines impose differ conditions and cost for this.


  1. Make sure you get licensing documents for your pet travel, such as.
  • Certificate of Veterinary that states your pet is in good health and have no infectious diseases
  • Licensing of transport from local quarantine office
  • Certificate of disclaimer (at the time of receipt at the airport)

You better keep those all after you get the assurance that the airline could bring your pet.


  1. Make sure you are ready with the cost you must pay for your pet air travel. If it is transported as baggage, your pet is not included in the free baggage rights or so-called baggage allowance. Although we do not carry any baggage or pet you will take with you is just a little, you still be charge.


Better put your little pet under your seat with cage, if your pet is small in size, with food, drinks, toys and blanket there.


  1. As an alternative, use pets transportation services, e.g. cargo shipper pet service providers that can deliver and pick up your pet whenever and wherever. Consider the rules they set.


  1. One other alternative for the best pet air travel is probably “Pet Airways”. It is the only airline that transports animals. No chairs for men inside. The airplane contains only the pilot, co-pilot and 2 cabin crews. The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of limited flight. Then it evolved and today it has flight to 14 cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, and New York.


Hopefully this information about pet air travel is useful for those who want to travel with pet. Whichever way you choose, if executed according to the applicable procedures it will definitely run safe and comfortable for your pet.

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