Overseas Adventure Travel – The Ultimate Guide

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Overseas Adventure Travel to Europe for Single


Why Europe?

Who says travelling alone is not fun? Instead overseas adventure travel can be a great way to eliminate stress and offers a change from single men or women to meet new people. European countries are the best destination because these countries have various tourism objects with challenging adventure experience. In addition, European countries often become the main destination for other single travelers. It means that you have a bigger chance to meet special someone. Even, if you do not meet someone special, you can just seek for some friends. Another reason why Europe is the best continent to explore is because the route is easy. If you have long time adventure travel and have a changer to visit a number of countries, the trip route is easy. As Europe is very large and there are a lot of beautiful places, it is very difficult to decide which countries to explore. It all depends on how long you will spend time in your travel. The longer you spend time there, the more places you are able to explore.

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Overseas Adventure Travel – Rome to Paris Tour

You can start your Europe overseas adventure travel from Rome. In Rome, there are some spots that must visit. One of them is Colosseum as it is one of the symbols of Rome. From this elliptical stadium we can learn history and architecture as well. Another spot to go is Travi Fountain. People believe that if they throw a coin to the fountain, someday they will go back to Rome. Other believes that you can make a wish while throwing the coin and your wish will soon come true. Even if you do not believe this legend, you can just keep throwing you coin here. It is like a must-thing to do. Also, before leaving Rome, make sure you have visited Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, and Spanish Steps. Stops are also made at Tuscany, Florence, and Venice. Those places are extremely beautiful. Arriving at Paris, you will have countless options to visit first. Include Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral in your checklist. There are still other historical sites that you can visit. If you enjoy cultural sites, you can consider The Opera Bastille, The Guimet Museum, and The Louvre.

Albania, Macedonia and Greece

These three countries can be a great idea for your overseas adventure travel. There are a number of places to go and some attractions to see. You can take pleasure in natural wonders adventure in Adriatic and cultural history exploration. Arriving at Greece, you should first go to Athens. Look for a comfortable hotel here. Many people go to Athens alone to enjoy the beauty of the ancient city. Begin with the Acropolis exploration. The Acropolis is the best site to enjoy the view of the city of Athens. After you are satisfied exploring Athens, you can move to other places in Greece. The most beautiful place in Greece is Santorini. There are some beautiful beaches here. If you meet someone special here, your single vacation trip will end up in a romantic vacation.

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