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myHR CVS: Everything You Need to Know

You may have heard of CVS ormyHR CVS one or twice in passing. Many of you may be wondering why myHR CVS is very popular. Well, the one most simplest and obvious reason is because it offers many great and useful benefits to their workers. This article elucidates CVS and all that it stands for to help you get a thorough understanding about the subject as well as what you can do with it.

MyHR CVS Login

What is CVS Pharmacy?

First of all, we should make sure that you know CVS Pharmacy (or just CVS). Just in case, we will lay it out for you. CVS is a popular drug store and once it was an acronym for “Consumer Value Store”. However, it now changed to “Convenience, Value and Service”. CVS Pharmacy is a subsidiary of the American healthcare and retail company CVS health. Its headquarters is located in Rhode Island although it was originally founded in Massachusetts in 1963. Right now, it is the biggest pharmacy chain in the USA having over 9.600 locations all over the country.  CVS sells all kinds of prescription drugs as well as a large assortment of general merchandise such as beauty products, makeup and over-the-counter drugs. Services for photo and film finishing, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise as well as convenience foods are also available.

Did you know that 5 million customers are served per day in all of their retail pharmacies? They also employ more than 243.00 colleagues in over 49 states, Puerto Rico as well as the District of Columbia. There are approximately 115.000 new colleagues hired as well as 20.000 youths hired for summer positions. CVS Pharmacy has helped connect more than 10.000 military spouses and veterans with rewarding job opportunities all across the country. As of now, CVS has created more than 100.000 job opportunities for individuals to transition from public assistance to meaningful job as well as career paths.

It’s no wonder CVS is one of the two leading retail and healthcare companies in the US. Its own leading rival is none other than Walgreens Boots Alliance.


myHR is a form of an online service for employees to view as well as amend their relevant personal data held by the HR department. myHR is focused on making the college’s processes more streamlined and efficient. myHR allows workers more control of their personal information so they can save time as well as will be able to maintain the accuracy of the information stored.

All CVS staff are able to access work associated information through a transparent online HR portal on myHR CVS.

This online myHR CVSportal can give employees access to:

  1. View paychecks
  2. Check benefits
  3. life insurance
  4. access their tax information
  5. 401K plan
  6. Employee discounts
  7. Education assistance
  8. Employee stock option
  9. Auto and home insurance
  10. Transportation benefits
  11. Free smoking cessation programs
  12. CVS Health discount center
  13. Identity theft protection program

Here is how you can login to myHR CVS for beginners:

  1. Visit http://myhr.cvs.comand log in as the staff company
  2. Meanwhile, if you have yet to make an account, do a simple registration process to get your own ID and password. Simply click on “register as a new user” on the homepage
  3. Enter your birth date and social security number details (the last four digits)
  4. Pick your own username and a PIN number
  5. After you have filled all the required information you will be directed to the page for signing in
  6. A text guide will pop up to help you to use it for the first time

If you are an ex-employee at CVS then here is how you can sign in:

Use this link to login. If you cannot login that means you are trying to sign in outside the US. Store colleagues can use their 7 digit employee ID and CVS Learnet password while minute clinic can use their 7 digit employee ID and password.

Another piece of information you might like to know especially if you are a college student who happens to be working for CVS, you can access its online portal as well. All CVS stores’ employees can directly login by using the default seven digit employee ID as well as CVS Learnet password. Meanwhile, employees of distribution centers have to input their myHR password.

You can get a lot of information on CVS Learnet such as information about discounts, salary, as well as other important features. The CVS Learnet is a CVS health learning management system which helps employees gain deeper knowledge and understanding about their job through skill development as well as training. This technique is effective for staff career development for they will not stop learning even when they already mastered their work. In other words, this online portal is not just for checking benefits but it is also helpful in terms of improving work and getting further education.

However, if you want to know more about myHR CVS portal, you can directly contact the company’s human resources by dialing their toll-free phone number 1-888-69-7287 (888-myHR-CVS). You can also reach them by their e-mail address at or their mail address at One CVS Dr. Woonsocket, RI 02895.

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MyHR CVS Benefits

CVS is known for its high regard with its workers’ demands. In fact, the administration have developed a few programs specifically made for the CVS personnel like dental discounts, 401K program as well as health care insurance. One should never worry about encountering any problems during registration as long as they use a valid and working e-mail address. Of course, all of the features are totally free of charge regardless of whether the use is an old or a new worker. They will have the opportunity to enjoy equal amount and level of services as well as receive the same benefits.

For your information, the personnel stock purchase program is the most preference feature in the myHRCVSportal. It’s a procedure in which workers are able to purchase stocks from their company so that they can invest their earnings and gain benefits in the future.

If you still need more top-notch answers to the question “why use the myHR CVS portal” then read on the following benefits below. All of them are intended to get the employees determined and motivated in their work.

  1. CVS employee discounts program
  2. Employee stock purchase program
  3. Health and wellness program
  4. Adoption and education assistance
  5. Access to work itinerary and attendance
  6. Information about life insurance coverage, income tax status, as well as healthcare covers

To top it off they will be granted with access to information such as travel allowance, gratuity and paycheck.

CVS Salary

If you are thinking of applying at CVS you will appreciate this list of CVS jobs and the salary each job offers. Remember that salaries for CVS employees vary by company but this list is the general idea that you can expect to earn working at CVS. The payrolllist below is based on CVS employee reports as well as estimates.

Position Time Salary ($)
Pharmacist Hourly 60.11
Pharmacist technician Hourly 11.18
Shift supervisor B Hourly 11.27
Store manager Yearly 58.776
Shift supervisor Hourly 11.80
Pharmacy technician CPhT Hourly 11.92
Pharmacy in charge Hourly 66.63
Cashier Hourly 9.30
Pharmacist Yearly 121.745
CVS Store Manager Yearly 59.115
CVS Pharmacy tech Hourly 11.10
Lead pharmacy technician CphT Hourly 15.06
Pharmacy technician trainee Hourly 10.33
Shift supervisor A Hourly 13.17




CVS Health Job Application Process

Below is the steps you can do in case you want to apply for a job at CVS Pharmacy.

Step 1:

Start by searching for jobs that you think you are qualified for on their career site at

You can apply for some positions on your mobile phone too so that’s way easier.

Step 2:

When you have found a job that you think fits with your skills you can click on “apply now” link. Note that, it is important to complete the application in full including prior work experience. Just a heads-up, some positions may require you to complete a virtual job tryout. Then, when all is complete you will get a confirmation e-mail.

Step 3:

Wait until the recruiters are done reviewing the applications and screening the best-fit candidates. You will hear from the recruiter if you are selected to move on to the next step in the recruitment process. However, if you are not selected there will be an e-mail notification that encourage you to look for more job openings. Note that, because of the huge volume of applications that CVS Health receives every day, there might be cases where some applicants will, unfortunately, not get reviewed.

Step 4:

If you are one of the lucky candidates who get selected for an interview, a recruiter will arrange a video or phone screen interview with you. Then, if you are selected to move on to the next process after interview, there will be an invitation for a follow-up in-person or a video interview with the hiring manager.

Step 5:

If you are selected for the position you applied for, there will be a job offer to extend and then if you accept the offer, there will be a background check as well as drug testing.

Note that, the hiring process for all of their retails might vary.

Why Working at CVS Health is Worth It?

CVS Health is popular for a reason. It is a good place for individuals who want to grow their career while at the same time influence health behavior and help others on their path to better health. Here is a couple of reasons why applying for a position at CVS Pharmacy is worth it.

  1. A good place for career growth. CVS Health shapes the future of health care every day in big and small moments. As a colleague you will get a competitive benefits package which will connect you with flexible, affordable as well as personalized programs for managing your wellbeing.
  2. You can create a good workforce here. By partnering with diverse organization around the country in all communities, you can help create and discover new people to join the team.
  3. You will also be on a noble pursue to inspire health in communities. CVS Health is a company is on the front line of public health issues like diabetes, opioid abuse or tobacco cessation and they actively encourage their colleagues to take care of their own health so that is a bonus point that you might not find in other work fields. CVS Pharmacy offers programs as well as tools which can improve emotional, financial as well as physical wellbeing to all colleagues.
  4. You will get loads of benefits. The company will support your financial, physical and professional health. You will receive basic dental, medical and vision coverage to wellness programs and better-health incentives. CVS Health provides a various programs to make sure you and your family live healthy. You will also receive financial health benefits and programs which will allow you to plan for a better future. Furthermore, CVS Health cares about their employees’ healthy work balance so they offer time away from work and other beneficial support services that will surely meet your needs.

Job Desks

Because there are many positions offered at CVS Health, this article will cover only three most searched positions at CVS Health. If the position you are looking for is not here, you can visit their website and look for any information available.

  1. Pharmacist Job Desks:
  • Giving pharmacological information to multidisciplinary health team
  • Preparing medications
  • Supervising patient drug therapies
  • Dispensing medications by packaging, compounding as well as labeling pharmaceuticals
  • Controlling medications by advising interventions
  • Developing hospital employees’ pharmacological knowledge by taking part in clinical programs, training pharmacy, students, staff, interns, externs, residents as well as health care professionals
  • Complying with federal and state drug laws as regulated by the state board of pharmacy, the food and drug administration as well as the drug enforcement administration by overseeing nursing unit inspections, keeping track of records for controlled substances, monitoring the work results of support personnel, removing expired medications from the inventory, studying existing and newly made legislations as well as advising management on necessary actions
  • Maintaining clean and safe working environment by conforming to the rules, procedures and regulations
  • Protecting technicians and patients by conforming to infection-control rules
  • Maintaining pharmacological knowledge by taking part in workshops, establishing personal networks, reviewing professional publications as well as participating in professional societies
  • Taking part in team effort by completing related issues


  1. Pharmacy Technician Job Desks:
  • Maintains pharmacy inventory by anticipating needed drugs and supplies, checking pharmaceutical stock to figure out inventory level, verifying receipts, placing and expediting orders as well as removing expired medicines.
  • Greeting health care providers as well as patients by phone, answering questions and requests and forwarding inquiries to pharmacist.
  • Protecting employees and patients by sticking to infection-control protocols and policies.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe pharmacy by conforming to rules, procedures as well as regulations.
  • Organizing medications for pharmacist to dispense by reading prescriptions or medication orders, counting quantities, preparing labels or assembling solutions and other pharmaceutical therapies.
  • Generating revenues by estimating, recording as well as issuing charges.
  • Making sure medication are always available by delivering medications to departments and patients.
  • Preparing reports by gathering as well as summarizing data.
  • Contributing to team effort by completing issues.


  1. Cashier Job Desks:
  • Handling customer transactions and operating cash register
  • Greeting customers
  • Handling customers’ complaints
  • Making sure the store is well-stocked
  • Counting money in the cash drawer
  • Processing items
  • Organizing and selling prescriptions
  • Directing to items that customers need
  • Answering pharmacy phone calls


  1. Store Manager Job Desks:
  • Establishing pharmacy services in line with federal and state regulations
  • Reviewing, programing, directing as well as rectifying pharmacy procedures
  • Rendering help to the professional and technical personnel in compounding, mixing, as well as dispensing medicines utilized by and sold to hospital patients
  • Making format requests for all needed supplies
  • Familiarizing oneself with current and new pharmaceutical preparations prescribed for utilization by patients to be able to assist to hospital staff
  • Maintaining a certified system of keeping track of records and preparations of annual budgets
  • Monitoring inventories
  • Designing and organizing job descriptions and preparing impromptu yearly performance evaluation on all staff
  • Supporting staff with yearly budgets as well as handing over capital expenditures that conforms to standard policies
  • Evaluating and improving policy manual and procedures every year
  • Implementing and instituting enhancement of department quality
  • Performing selection of departmental staff and giving orientation and monitoring. Even dismissal if that is necessary
  • Administering and organizing activities related to pharmacy operations
  • Offering guidance on prescriptions and medications and over-the-counter drugs that conform to hospital policies

There are so many benefits that you will receive by working at CVS and this online myHR CVS portal just makes everything way easier.

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