Luxury Adventure Travel for Romantic Honeymoon in Hawaii

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Luxury Adventure Travel for Romantic Honeymoon in Hawaii


Stay at The Kahala Hotel

Luxury adventure travel can be a great idea for a romantic honeymoon. There are many beautiful places to consider but nothing is better that Hawaii. Of course when you plan for adventure travel, you should find the best hotel for your accommodation. Consider The Kahala Hotel as a luxurious place to stay during your adventure honeymoon. This hotel is the most exclusive one in Hawaii and perhaps in the world. It is located in Oahu Island. This area has very beautiful views and beaches making your honeymoon an unforgettable moment. The Kahala Hotel offers ultimate services and facilities to meet the guests need and satisfaction. Here you will start every single day with delicious breakfast buffet. After that, you can walk on food to private wonderful beaches with sparkling white sand near the hotel. If you enjoy diving, the beaches located in the east of Oahu offer pleasurable diving experience. Privacy is highlighted here. The beach is never crowded. There are not many people come to this beautiful beach, because the place is very exclusive that not many people can afford it. You can also visit beautiful lagoons in The Kahala where you can play around with sea turtles and dolphins. Can you imagine how romantic your honeymoon is in this kind of place?

Enjoy the beauty and privacy of Kailua-Kona

New marriage couples always look for private place. There is place in the Big Island of Hawaii named Kailua-Kona that offers the luxury adventure travel in a romantic atmosphere and private setting. You can choose one of many private estates to rent. There are lot o activities that you can do in Kailua-Kona. Everywhere you can see a magnificent volcano with lava flowing. You will be amazed on how God can create this tremendous beautiful natural phenomenon. One of the popular places to go is the Seven Sacred Pools. It is a sacred pool where once used by the monarchy of Hawaii to bath. Get the most romantic moment with your spouse in Hapuna Beach. You can swim in this fabulous beach and when the twilight comes, you can watch the breathtaking sunset.

Have a good party at Waikiki Beach

Many couples may look for private place to spend their honeymoon. But, some people enjoy party very much that it should be included in their honeymoon. Depending on your budget, you can choose to have a party either in Kuhio Avenue with happy hours or in high-end nightclubs and hotels. You can dance, kiss, and have fun all night with your spouse. As there are many other people in the party, you can get to know each other. For some people, it is very fun spending time together with many new friends when you can tell each other everything. Although Waikiki is not a place for those who are seeking privacy, it does not mean that you cannot have romantic and luxury adventure travel here. You can for example have romantic dinner in a high-end resort or even have an exclusive helicopter tour.

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