How to Do iPhone International Travel

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How to Do iPhone International Travel



Don’t forget your iPhone while traveling

Don’t forget your iPhone international travel accessories unless you want your traveling days boring. This gadget is a must on your travel organizer. However, don’t let it alone without appropriate holder, with no accessories, and no good treatment from you. If you can use it as best as possible, your iPhone will be more than just a friend, it’s you!


Wow! This is not an excessive because many great applications you can run while on your vacation time which will enlighten your happy and relax. However, many people fail to optimize the performance of their iPhone while they’re outside the house simply because they don’t understand the details function of this gadget. Summer is the most fun period of your time to spend holidays with listening to music. Enjoy your money and playing games, going to the beach and recorded it. If you are familiar with TripIt, it’s better. If not, try to visit its official website in It’s a kind of assistance for your traveling activities while carrying iPhone that works optimally in every second you are traveling and with no spend your money.


Tips to do travel with iPhone

Ok, good, we’re in one mind now. iPhone international travel is a good idea that should be complete if you want perfect days.


  • You may use WiFi on your iPhone freely with connection from coffee shops, internet cafes, public libraries, super markets, etc.
  • You can download Apps that Cache on your gadget, you can cache your travel information so that your travel notes, flight information, travel guides, and many others will keep on your iPhone everytime your gadget connect to WiFi. Ups.. Also, don’t forget to download WiFi finder apps that can download any WiFi locations for expected destinations anywhere.
  • You should turn off Roaming. We know by default, a phone should turn roaming off when it’s brought to travel internationally. Just try to avoid accidentally turn it on if because carelessly. Just switch it to Airplane mode.
  • You need to bring an appropriate electrical travel adapter. You will need this to charge your iPhone. It’s one item that should be on your bags.
  • You should make Skype ready on your gadget. This free apps lets you talk for next to nothing internationally
  • Certainly you need another phone if you need to make lots of calls, so that you can economize your iPhone credits. By bringing another cell phone, you can also pay as you go.
  • Exporting all contacts before starting to go sometimes it could be useful. There’s possibilities you’ll lose your iPhone or stolen, although we don’t want this happen, sure.
  • Install city guide as your iPhone international travel guide that can accessed offline.


Those just simple things you could do with ease once you’re okay to give yourself a spare time to think about that. You may let your handphone stay or your pocket or handbag but you should generate your iPhone to be your nice companion on your travel.



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