International Travel Luggage Policies and Procedures

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International Travel Luggage Policies and Procedures


Luggage restriction in common

I’m sure you will find different international travel luggage restrictions from one airline to another when traveling abroad with different airline. Luggage allowances and its check should be done in the airline you use, not done by the place you bought the tickets. Money will be paid at the airport upon check-in.


Prior to check-in, make sure the tagged label tells your name, address, and contact phone number. Keep this label in an easily visible place when checking. Tag also a label inside the luggage. All air travel ticket agent, has always ensures its customers to be careful with the latest international travel luggage policies and procedures so that you free of mind before departure.


The Department of Transportation and the Transportation Security Administration always continuous update list of luggage policies and procedures, so make sure you read the latest because they will change without notice. Be aware and realized these rules actually facilitate the passengers themselves. Considering each airline has different restrictions of luggage policies, one quick way to understand it is to ask the ticket agent when purchase the ticket. In general, each airline allows passengers to carry one bag and one personal item such as a backpack, laptop bag, pocketbook, or handbag, which must be verified by the airline in which you fly.


Qantas luggage allowance

For example, Qantas gives notice that every passenger carrying baggage must conform to the rules of licensing in accordance with the itinerary, cabin class, and Qantas Frequent Flyer status or Qantas Club membership. Of course there is no need to pay a few dollars if your luggage does not exceed the luggage allowance.


International travel luggage policies owned by Qantas such as:

  • If the journey is performed apart from the United States and the final destination is not the United States: each check-in baggage is likely you will get a different baggage allowance, especially if you are doing multiple sector flight, the baggage policies depending on your itinerary.


  • If traveling to, from or within the United States.: if you do this in one or more flights by airlines that do not have a flight number “QF”, then the luggage allowance and policies in force is the first flight number appears on your ticket. For travel between the United States and Australia usually, though not always, a Qantas baggage rules will apply.


  • Each Qantas passengers can purchase additional Baggage Allowance online to flight operated by Qantas with code “QF” with the applicable provisions. Every additional weight more than 23kg per piece will be charged, and remember, no single item luggage may exceed 32kg.


Luggage policies and procedures for the safety of all

Discussing international travel luggage policies and procedures, you may sometimes irritate by strict rules, you have to pay an additional fee for just a few grams more on luggage. However, what if we made ​​it as one of our disciplinary training? This was done so we practice not to commit fraud in order to bring a lot of stuff without knowing by the check-in.

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