10 Tips to Buy International Travel Health Insurance

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10 Tips to Buy International Travel Health Insurance


Why health insurance for travel is needed

Did you ever use international travel health insurance? If you’ve ever traveled abroad, especially go far away there, surely you’ve been working on and have health insurance for travel. “No, I never, why should I?” Is that your question? If that’s your question, then you have never had health insurance while you travel abroad. Don’t you worry?


Perhaps it’s an achievement success for you to travel abroad for the first time after all this time hoping for the chance. Once a vacation to the ideal place comes, you’ll surely think about packing needs, air travel ticket and schedules for you there, like spending a lot of money for souvenirs, clothing, and do a lot of things. Happy and your feeling being powerful there, almost forget anything except once you remember your money. And that’s what often happens on beginners in doing travel abroad: forgetting about health insurance.


International travel health insurance is very important as the safety of yourself and your assets. You would never know it could be possible any dangers happen to you. You carry a handbag containing passports, VISA, ID cards, credit cards, and all other important documents suddenly stolen by criminals in the middle of your trip. Your flight suddenly cancels your trip for any reason they want you to follow without complaining. Your destination country reported in various media as a beautiful country suddenly there was a coup in the government resulting in disruption of security and public places. Suddenly occurs an earthquake, flood, or storm in large uncontrolled in your place to go. Tour packages that you want to visit suddenly got a case of dangerous infectious virus. What do you need in such conditions like those except travel insurance and health insurance?


In facts there are some people who’re always going abroad without health insurance. You can’t do it anymore if you don’t want to lose. You have to buy health insurance that can keep you. Therefore, consider these following tips.


Tips to buy health insurance for international travel:

  1. Complete and Comprehensive Insurance Policies. You have to find convincing health insurance provider for your travel.
  2. Check the excess on the policy of the company. Read the terms of conditions detailed premises it is better than just good promo tempted.
  3. Don’t buy ‘single trip’ insurance you possibly will do some traveling to different places.
  4. Make sure that insurance you buy will also cover medical expenses for you to the hospital.
  5. Just be honest about your real health condition. Better do checkup to the doctor before packing and notify your latest health condition.
  6. Understand the insurance policy you need, different types of travel events can be different types of insurance policies needed.



Well, it’s very urgent to think deeper about international travel health insurance every time you go to other countries. Remember those possibilities; so you will be better to take action keeping your health and your assets during your international travel.

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