How to Get Cheap Group Air Travel for Student

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How to Get Cheap Group Air Travel for Student



Discounted student air fares

Traveling with group air travel is a smart way to manage budget efficiency. This applies to anyone for any purpose and anywhere. The more people in a group, at least 11 people, and the price negotiations to get more discounts are likely to succeed. Moreover, if the purchases of group travel tickets prior to departure, let say several months before the trip starts. And even, if air travel tickets purchased are for the student group, it’s wow! The opportunity to get a very low price could be obtained easier.


Air travel for student is known to be friendly especially if travel deals with the study of certain problems or an important and interesting research, The Board Of Education will support to lobby for cheap tickets. An educational institution has curriculum and field study that has been established months before, often even one year earlier. This is interesting because this is an opportunity to make booking cheap tickets. However, the discount air fare for students is important to remember there is still much need to be done at the destination, lodging, meals, transportation, research tools to take if possible. And it looks like we have to share the following tips:


How to get cheap group air travel for student

  1. Book 10+ tickets. It’s a matter of common, multiple of 10 is better, then try to create group consists of 10 people and more so that the negotiating discounts can be more powerful and enjoyable to both parties.


  1. Book 11 months prior to travel. Actually this is just the range, given the approaching period of 12 months (1 year) will be much of a price change on all goods and services. Therefore, current airfares prices with prices in the next year most likely – let say 95% – cheaper.


  1. Make sure the number of students. Inform clearly the number of students in a group, will not diminish but instead likely to increase, so there is no sense of loss for the school or discomfort when suddenly ask for discount because there are students who withdrew from the group travel.


  1. Tell the airline about group air travel for students is really for field study or research or competition. Airline rewards more often to the group of students who travel by plane in order to deepen the research, following the international competition, competition winning conferment, sports contingent, etc.. Airline would be honored to have helped generations of the nation in improving the quality of education and achievement.


  1. Ask the airline whether has a partnership with certain events that will be visited by the students or not. This is an expansion for the airline business that sometimes is associated with events in the city, event tickets, lodging at the event, or car or bus rentals for the event. Many airlines which also formed a partnership with car rental companies that often advertise one another. This could be a chance to get more discounts.


Traveling with a group air travel is fun, for any purpose. Especially for teenagers who are adventurous and have good spirit conduct to field studies as often as possible.

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