The Best Places to Go for Costa Rica Adventure Travel

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The Best Places to Go for Costa Rica Adventure Travel


Quintessential destination to Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonia should be included your Costa Rica adventure travel destination. It is a beach tourist community which offers a vivacious nightlife. In Manuel Antonio, you can meet a lot of new friends. The beaches are all wonderful. Many fun activities can be done here such as surfing, swimming, tanning your skin, etc. Spend your day by visiting some clubs and restaurants. After you have satisfied exploring the beaches, it is time to get lost in rain forest in the Manuel Antonio National Park. This national park is regarded as a splendid rain forest with a huge variety of floras and faunas. The national park is characterized by the presence monkeys. At least there are three types of monkey preserved here. As the area is quite large, you can rent a car in affordable price. You can drive to Quepos, the adjacent city where you can shop for groceries. Actually Manuel Antonia is popular among gay communities as this area is considered as the gay-friendly destination in America. There are clubs and hotels particularly intended to gay customers.

Nicoya Peninsula for outdoor enthusiast

Do not say you visit Costa Rica of you do not travel to Nicoya Peninsula. The place is strongly recommended for those who like outdoor and beach adventuring. Many unspoiled white-sand beaches look sparkling thus perfect for your Costa Rica adventure travel. The center of the peninsula is basically uninhabited. In Nicoya Peninsula, do not miss a chance to enjoy water sports activities such as fishing, diving, snorkeling and surfing. The beaches are safe that you do not need to worry much about the safety matter. Everywhere along the street, you can stop at some bars owned by The US ex-patriots. After you get pleasure from beach activities, vary your traveling by exploring plenty of forest. A variety of plants and animal species are preserved here. Animal species that are preserved here include monkeys of course, some rare species of birds, bats, and anteaters.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

For those who are enthusiastic with the natural beauty of rain forest, you should go to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. This rain forest is very rich of natural habitat. It is a perfect destination for those who want to see wild animals living in their natural habitat. When you plan to enter this forest, boots and a coat is required because you can get wet inside the forest. Rain falls almost every day that increase the humidity of the forest. Once you enter the rain, you will be amazed of the beautiful green canopy. Walking further you can be more amazed of some beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and swamps. Exploring the natural beauty will be the greatest Costa Rica adventure travel.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan for a holiday and begin looking for highly recommended tour agent to arrange your vacation in Costa Rica. Having a vacation in Costa Rica is considered as more affordable compared to other similar places in Latin America.

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