How to Do Cheap International Travel

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How to Do Cheap International Travel


Traveling abroad doesn’t have to be expensive; we can do cheap international travel easily. There have been many backpackers and travelers who are proving that travel internationally with fun doesn’t have to be fancy, however it can be satisfied and full of interesting adventure at low cost. If you can be observant, internet always provides tour information package from affordable to the expensive rice. Well, you can customize a package that you can order. But before, consider the following tips:


Tips to do cheap international travel:

Budget for traveling abroad you must be well thought. You’ll limit your money o certain dollars should be obvious. The budget is divided into two: for travel expenses and pocket money while you are on the way. Surely you should be discipline on your own pocket money in its use, especially for prospective tour participants (if traveling in groups with a tour package) if you want to use credit cards during the trip. I strongly encourage you to exchange foreign money in your town before departure.


If you want to travel in groups and using package tours, choose Travel Company with clear credibility. In the era of information like this is certainly very easy to compare the price of one tour company to another, but there are things to watch out for. We can’t judge a tour company categorized in cheap or expensive by looking at the prices listed in advertisements or price lists. We must know in advance whether the prices listed include: flight cost to visit all attractions or not, cost for breakfast until dinner, airport tax, the airline and hotel used during trip. Taking account of these factors then the price will be more objective comparison and you don’t become victims of price war between the operator today.


If you go with a group tour packages, do reservations in advance. The farther you’re booking schedule of the departure date, the cheaper price you can get. This is because the cost of booking tickets in advance before departure will be much cheaper as well as the cost of accommodation and hotels. “High season” like a summer holiday, Christmas, New Year, will have a lot of expensive prices for many needs. So if you don’t take a trip on the “Low season”, so book it before peak holiday comes.



Don’t rush to book tickets or travel package if there’re possibilities any people’s addition in your group. More and more people, many needs can be purchased together at a lower price, than transportation, accommodation, entrance fees, etc.. Last minutes tickets might be the way you hunt for cheap tickets if you go alone or two.


Don’t think you will spend money to buy lot souvenirs. Besides almost of them must be expensive, it’s sure you don’t want to pay additional baggage fees. Find information about affordable shopping center in the city you visit if you want to buy some.


Smartphone or iPhone you bring will be more wasteful if you make frequent calls abroad. If you want to apply the theory of cheap international travel, writing on your travel blog, make note on your diary, and send SMS are more economical than make calls.

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