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Best Quick Open Pocket Knife – 3 Recommended Quick Open Knives and Reviews

Looking for the best quick open pocket knife, there will be some choices that offer you specific features to meet your need. They are the best knife with the best price that you can find today. You might not find them with the cheapest price, but they are the best with the best price. They will be quite easy to find at some online stores as they are sold at some places.

Best Quick Open Pocket Knife Types in the Market

Various designs are available for those quick open pocket knives which will make them as the best deal knives you may have. You can also have some of them for sale with their quality.

To find only the best quick open pocket knife, you need to consider the detail of each knife. Following review for each of them will help you get the benefit from each brand that will give you various qualities. Details of the material and design will be two things that will determine their performance like you can find below. Since each of them is very unique, you will not be able to compare each of them. Instead, you will find the one that will meet your specific need.

List of 3 Recommended Best Quick Open Pocket Knife

  • Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

It comes as a partially serrated blade knife which is made of premium 13C26 stainless steel to give it strength and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, this knife is added with anodized aluminum handle that detailed with rough Trac-Tec material to make give it grip. You can buy this knife at certain store with those qualities.


  • MTECH XTREME USA MX-8027A Tactical Folding Knife

Another knife that you can find with quality is the one from MTECH. It is made of black 440 stainless steel blade that comes with Net Treatment Pattern. Furthermore, you can have it with discount when you purchase it at certain store.


  • Gerber 22-47162 FAST Draw Knife

Looking for more choices of knife, Gerber will give you this knife that you can get at certain store. It will provide you with tactile texturing on nylon handle and the quality that comes from high carbon surgical stainless steel blade. It will give you the quality of such knife that you might not find in the other knife you have purchased before.

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