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Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner – 3 Recommended Vacuum Cleaners and Reviews

Keeping house to keep clean is not an easy task because it needs more time and energy. Also, if you have a special condition that makes you have to be careful in cleaning task. Therefore, the best portable vacuum cleaner is your problem solving which will make your house cleaning easier and fast.

Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner Types in the Market

There are many types of best portable vacuum cleaner 2013 which you can purchase online in the There is a type of portable vacuum cleaner which has a pivot head. On the other hand, there is also a type of portable vacuum cleaner with a dust buster. Portable vacuum cleaner is also called handheld or cordless vacuum cleaner in the market.

If you are looking for the right vacuum cleaner according to your need, you have to know the usage type. For instance, if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner to clean your vehicle such as a car, the product of portable vacuum cleaner with a cordless dust buster is the right choice. There is best portable vacuum cleaner for car which is available in

List of 3 Recommended Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner

These following products are the best selling of best vacuum cleaner in

  • Eureka 71B EasyClean Vacuum

This product is the top list of best selling portable vacuum cleaner from the brand of Eureka. The features of this product include strong suction of 5.5 amp with a stretch hose that can clean vehicles such as cars, upholstery, and also stairs. There are two motors on this vacuum cleaner that the first motor powers the revolving brush, meanwhile the second motor is used for suction. Moreover, this product is also provided with an onboard crevice tool and a riser visor. It weighs 5 pounds and the cord length is 20 foot. This product is priced for $37.99.

  • Black&Decker CHV1510 Cyclonic Action Dustbuster

This portable vacuum cleaner uses a VF110 replacement filter. There is a rotating system and a slim nozzle that can clean dirt in tight place. Moreover, this product has been developed from the previous type so it can reach 50% for less bending and with better accessibility. For the accessories such as crevice tool and brush are placed onboard so the items are not loose and misplaced. This vacuum cleaner is designed a wide mouth so it can scoop large debris effortlessly. This product is priced for $44.99 and you can discount of 36% so you can save your money until $25.00.

  • Black&Decker PHV1810 Pivot Head Vacuum

This product has fine features and good qualities. The cordless handheld of this vacuum cleaner is smaller, easier to clean, and also quieter compared to the original model. It has power 18 volts and its motor has high performance with action of cyclonic. There are no accessories which are loose because the brush is placed on-board and crevice tool is extendable. The dirt bowl and filters are removable and washable. The charging light uses LED as the indicator. This product is priced for $48.89 with discount of 58%.

You can purchase these portable vacuum cleaners by shipping online. These products are available in In this website you also can read best portable vacuum cleaner reviews if you want to know the costumers opinion about those products.

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