Best Pocket Knife for Protection

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Best Pocket Knife for Protection – 3 Recommended Knives with Reviews

The best pocket knife for protection is very useful for defending yourself from any dangerous or life threatening situation. Even when you already equip yourself with a firearm, this kind of knife would be a necessary item you need to have for many different reasons. Sometimes, we might have to face an emergency situation and find our gun in a jammed condition. A pocket knife for protection comes as a great solution in such situation.

Best Pocket Knife for Protection Types in the Market

The market has acknowledged the need of high demand of pocket knife for protection very nicely. Now, you can easily find plenty of them with many different features to attract your interest. Make sure that you choose to shop for them online in order to have a great opportunity to compare a number of the pocket knives.

Looking for the best pocket knife for protection which is offered with the cheapest price would be a great idea. However, you need to understand that the one with the best deal is much more valuable. Should you find a quality pocket knife with a high price, you might want to anticipate a discount promo on them.

List of 3 Best Pocket Knife for Protection

·         Cold Steel 27TLT Recon I Knife
Cold steel has been a quite familiar brand among the pocket knife lovers. This brand is well known for producing high quality pocket knives with many different useful features. Let us take Cold Steel 27TLT Recon for example. This handy pocket knife features, sub-zero-quenched stainless-steel blade, slips through tough material, tough finish resists rust and eliminates glare. The thumb disc features enables you open this pocket knife very easily.

·         Columbia River Knife & Tool K480KKP Ken Onion Shenanigan PPS Knife
This pocket knife is famous for its indestructible glass feature. It is filled with nylon frame to make the knife look more attractive. Stainless steel liner lock is attached to this knife to ensure the safety of the users. You would not find any difficulty in opening this pocket knife as it is well equipped with bronze bushings. The weight of this knife is only 4.1 ounce with 8.25 inches length.

·         GERBER 31-001734 Paraframe II Tanto Knife
This pocket knife should be a very convenient item to carry everyday since it has a pocket clip feature. You should not worry about the corrosion issue as it already features black titanium nitride coating.   You will find this knife perfectly equipped with frame lock safety function as well.  This light pocket knife is very easy to clean as well as could be opened with no effort from the users.

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