Best Pocket Knife for 10 Years Old

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Best Pocket Knife for 10 Years Old Children – 3 Recommended Pocket Knives and Reviews

Considering the best pocket knife for 10 years old, since 10 years old children are still not aware and still do not know what to do and there are still not many selections for 10 years old children, but there are 2 pocket knives that are considered the best for 10 years old children.

Best Pocket Knife for 10 a Year Old Types in the Market

When you are looking for the best pocket knife for 10 year old you must deal with safety not features since 10 years old children are considered not mature enough, and if you want to give them a pocket knife you should find a pocket knife which has less features, but it is a real one, not a toy.

There are 2 kinds of pocket knives with same brand which is scharde that offer such requirements and it is also the cheapest of all compared with other pocket knives that offer same requirements, you can get it in market or you can look for one in internet that suits you most.

List of 3 Recommended Best Pocket Knife for a 10 Years Old

  • Scharde 3OT Uncle Henry Bearhead Lockback Knife
    This pocket knife has a 2.2 inches blade and a 3 inches handle, so it will fit in any pocket in any clothes even for 10 years old children’s clothes. Also its blade made from 400 series stainless steel, it can handle many hard situations. Handles are made of delrin material and its grip has unbreakable sawcut handles. And has 1.5 ounces weight.
  • Scharde 8OT Old Timer Senior Knife
    While the other offered only one blade, this pocket knife has 3 blades attached to it, each blades has 3 inch long, so it is more useful in many situations since you have 3 kind of different blades, one for cutting while other for opening an envelope and the other for breaking a clip. Those blades are made of 400 series stainless steel so it is quite strong. And has durable delrin handle with brass pin, has 4 inch long while closed, and 3.2 ounces weight.
  • Schrade IMP17S Imperial Knife
    This knife has three different blade, the length of blade also vary from 2 ¼ inches, 1 ½ inches and 1 5/8 inches and its handle has 3.4 inches, and so overall length is 7 ½ inches long. It has celluloid handle which is comfortable and 400 series stainless steel, and its weight is 1.9 ounces

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