Best Neck Knives of 2018

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The 7 Best Neck Knives of 2018 - Neck knife, often called survival knife, is a type of knife that is made specifically for use on outdoor activities, for instance when you are camping or hiking.It is used in unforeseen conditions that may occur when you are adventurous,like when you get lost. Well, here neck knife is tool to your survival. Then, why it is called the neck knife? This is because this knife is usually hung around the neck. Basically, the neck knife is said to be good if it is easily accessible given its function as the primary tool in an emergency. Here is the best neck knife that you can choose as your survival tool.


This neck knife includes in the best neck knife 2015. Why is that? This knife is a unique survival knife that full benefits. This knife is designed with a small size, but it is very effective to use. Knife measuring of 4.25" is finished using stainless steel, making it not easy to rust. This knife is also designed with large thumbhole in the middle for easy gripping. The handle is made of grenade designed short with lanyard hole, makes your hands do not hurt when holding it. For security reasons, this knife is equipped with a black neck sheath with metal clip and beaded neck chain.


Nextis theUSAMT20-30Handle4Inchoverall. Thisis one of theneckknifeAmazonthat you can buyon Amazon. This neck knife is designed with asize of4.75"; it is longer than thepreviousbladetypes. This knife is equippedwith adroppointbladewithsize of 2". This knife is madeof washable stone; witha thickness that is reaching2.8mm. it is the ideal knife to accompanyyouradventurein the wild. Meanwhile, its handleis designed with atancolor. This type ofneck knife is usually soldat a price of$ 8.54.


TacticalWarriorTanto EmergencyKnifeis alsoincluded inthebest neckknife. Hereisthisneckknifereviews.Thisis one of theneckknives whichcan be found onAmazon. Thisneckknifeis ablade in fulltangtype that is designed by usingstainless steel. Meanwhile, the handleis designedin theshape ofthe insert handlewherethe knifecan be inserted intothe handlefor the sake ofyour security. This neckknifeis designedwith a size of 6¾", equippedwithParacordnecklacemeasures of 35". This knife is usually soldat a price of$6.99.


This neck knife is made of high quality materials so as to display the neck knife techniques perfectly. Unlike small neck knives in general, this Columbia River knife minimalist comes with razor-shaped handle, making it easier for your fingers to hold it. This will greatly help you in all the activities that are using this knife. Its performance has been tested so you do not need to hesitate. This neck knife is made by using 5Cr15Mov stainless steel, making it more durable. Thanks to these advantages, this neck knife is priced at fairly expensive, i.e. $ 20.74.


As best knife, this neck knife is certainly designed with various advantages. USA MT 20 14GY handle 2 inch overall is often referred to a hidden neck knife. Why is that? This is because it is equipped with a protective cover that can be off-pairs that can hide these blades. This is made of stainless steel with a black plastic handle of black and gray. This knife is designed to measure a fairly long, which is 6.5". In sales, it is equipped with a sheath to keep this knife. You can get it on Amazon at a price of $ 8.20.


MT 673 Mtech Black Knife Handle is one type of neck knife that its handle is designed in type of G-10 in black color. This neck knife is included in the type of Tanto blade that is designed with a length of 5". This type of neck knife is made of steel with sharp edges. It is a perfect choice to accompany you in the hunt. Thanks to its perfect performance, then this knife is known as a boot knife. This knife is sold on Amazon at a price of $ 9.99. This MT-673 neck is marketed simultaneously with its knife sheath in type of Kydex.

Hawkbill Neck Knife KFD359

Hawkbill neck knife KFD359 includes in the neck knife full tang made of solid stainless steel. This knife is designed with a length of 4". This neck knife has a unique and attractive design, which is designed with a curved shape like a sickle. This is one of the best neck knife self-defense. Its handle made of black nylon and metal that are designed to make it easier to hold. It is also equipped with holes for your fingers. This knife is declared as one of the best neck knife. If you wish, you can get it on Amazon at a price of $ 7.83.

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