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Best Locking Pocket Knife – Top 3 Best Locking Pocket Knives Review


You are looking for the best locking pocket knife, but you find so many of them you are overwhelmed with the many options. Actually, you can try to narrow down your choices and get some recommendations to choose from. You should be careful before you decide to buy one.


Best Locking Pocket Knife Types in the Market


The types of locking pocket knife can be seen by the type of blade they are featured with. The types of blade that are known include drop, point, clip and edge. Each of the types offers each of their advantages. You can also look for the details of the types online.


If you are looking for the best locking pocket knife, you need to make sure you know the important features you would like the knife to have. This way, you will have the characteristics you want to find from some of the recommended knives. Between the three knives will be going to discuss in this article, you can take a closer look at the detail and choose and get the best suitable among them.


List of Recommended Best Locking Pocket Knife

  • Gerber 31-000760 Bear Grylls Survival Series Compact Scout Knife
    The knife is a folding type knife with thing and light in weight body. This knife is featured with a drop point type of a blade that is half carbon stainless steel. This blade is ideal for cutting rope as well as edge retention. It is also designed with a nail nick in the blade, so that the opening will be easier. Moreover, the lock back feature is also designed to securely lock the blade in its place, so that safety can be maximized at the time it is closed. The finger notch that is oversized is also provided in its handle in order to minimize slip.
  • Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife
    This one is a pocket knife with a one-handed serrated locking blade. There are only three of the knives that are designed with this characteristic. The knife of this One-Hand Trekker type is featured with aluminum alloy separators that are free from rust, the blade of this knife is also made of stainless steel. Furthermore, this knife is also featured with three screwdrivers with one locking, openers for bottle or can, wood saws and wire strippers. The layer is held together by the bushings and brass rivets.
  • Buck 283BK Nano Bantam, Lock Back Folding Knife
    This knife has a good quality and comes with the box and the warranty registration card. This knife is featured with a blade of 1-7/8 inches length. The blade is made of a 420J2 stainless steel blade, and is a drop point type blade. This knife is also featured with a handle that is thermoplastic with a finger groove that is contoured. Thus, an extra secure grip is provided. This knife is also provided with a lanyard hole at the back side of the grip. This hole is convenient for the user to carry this one of the best locking pocket knives around.

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