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Best Lock Blade Pocket Knife –3 Recommended Knives and Reviews

Looking for the best lock blade pocket knife should be about the quality, performance and design. Usually, a pocket knife with a lock blade system has its own features of blade and handle, making each of the pocket knife design have their own characteristics. Here will be discussed three recommended knives you can get.


Best Lock Blade Pocket Knife Types in the Market


In the market, the types deal with the types of the blade. The types of the blade mean different shapes and characteristics on the blade that the knife is featured with. The types are including clip, edge and point.


When you are looking for the best lock blade pocket knife, make sure you know what you need, not being persistent on getting the one you need. Usually, when you find one that is perfect for your need, you look for other knives that are different. You can also look for the best price or any other qualities you need. Look for it online or in around your house will do.

List of Recommended Best Lock Blade Pocket Knife

  • Kershaw Ken Onion Chive Pocket Knife with Speed Safe
    This knife is a pocket knife that is featured with a Ken Onion’s Speed Safe design for opening. For the blade, this knife is made of a 420HC stainless steel that is good for toughness and good edge retention. The measurement of the blade is 1-15/16 inches or 4.9 cm, and the length of the knife when closed is 2-7/8 inches. Moreover, it has a handle that is made of a stainless steel blade of 410. After all, this knife provides you with a good material and a good quality of product.
  • SOG Specialty Knives & Tools FF25-CP Escape Knife
    This knife is a folding type knife with a size that is perfected, with a blade that is a type of one hand opening, with a tool for extra emergency. This knife is featured with a blade that is serrated edge. Its blade is a 3,4-inch steel blade of folding type with a clip-point shape completed with some black finish of hard case. This knife is also featured with a Lockback for additional safety providence while it is used by the user in an open position. The knife handle is made of anodized aluminum completed with black finishing.
  • Buck 283BK Nano Bantam, Lock Back Knife
    This knife is featured with a blade of 420J2 Stainless Steel, of a drop point type. The knife is also featured with a finger grouve that is contoured for grip that is extra secure. The knife also sports a hole of lanyard at the back side of the grip. It is convenient for key chain, making this one of the best lock blade pocket knives easier to carry.

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