Best Kitchen Knives – Top 12 Chef Knife Reviews 2018

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Best Kitchen Knives - The best chef will always come with the best chef knife (and paring knife) which will help even everyone to do their best performance in the kitchen. It is important for every chef or even for everyone who wants the best knife, to find the best reference of chef knife that you can have with best chef knife reviews.

Best Chef Knife Types in the World

What are the best chef knives in the world? There will be many chef knives you can find in the market with different qualities and brands that make them the best. It is why you will find the best chef knife review will help you to get the best reference for chef knife. There will be more about those best chef knives for kitchen use you can find.

Though it will not be that easy to find the best chef knife, it does not mean that it is not possible to find the best one. You need to specify those knives that you look for since they come with different features, designs, and qualities. Below you will find best professional chef knife for the money to help you to get more references.

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List of 3 Recommended Best Chef Knife


-       Pure Komachi 2: Series 8" Chef's Knife, Fuchsia

It will be a multipurpose chef’s knife (one of the best kitchen knives) that measures 8-inch. It is designed to be a knife that comes with the best design for mincing, slicing and chopping. This will give you a stainless-steel blade that will always sharp over time. This is the one that comes with no common silver color of knife. Instead it comes with a specific bright color that comes with food-safe approved by FDA. This knife is designed to be the one that will be easy to be cleaned. Made from the best material that is safe for any use in kitchen, it will glide through food at ease. The quality of this knife makes it considered as one of best chef knife brands.

-       Victorinox 40520 Fibrox 8-Inch Chef's Knife

There will be two different packages of this knife. However, the one with standard packaging seems to be more preferred by the consumer. It is the next knife which will give you a high-carbon stainless steel blade that comes with sharpness and edge retention. The design will ensure you the best cutting power. Those qualities make it worth it for the price.

-       Farberware Resin 3-Piece Set, 8-Inch Chef, 5-1/2-Inch Utility and 3-1/2-Inch Parer

Stainless steel blade is the material that comes from this knife. It is a chef knife that has been perfectly weighted and balanced. With a lifetime limited warranty, you will have the quality of the best chef knife available in this knife. The best design of this knife will make it the knife that sticking and tearing while cutting food.

It will not be that easy to find the one with the best features since those chef knives come with different features that are designed specifically. To find more details, you can visit which will provide you with even better descriptions of those best knives. Their price will range from $12 to $40.

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Best affordable chef knife set – 3 Recommended Sets of Knife

 The best affordable chef knife set is the most important thing in chefs ‘world. Cutlery works are things supported chefs to get the best results of dishes. The knives a chef use will be various based on the cooking materials they will deal with. They cut, cop, slice, craft and do many more cutlery works handily.. Therefore you better check the review of knife set for chef to get the perfect one you can have.

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Best Affordable Chef Knife Set Types in the Market

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Chefs absolutely need the best types of knife set that will help them to deal with food preparation easier and more quickly. Types mean figures and materials. Knives for chefs contains of different kinds of sizes with different sharpness and edges. The blades are made of steel or ceramic and the handles are non-slip ones.


Cutlery works should be fast doing to get the on time meal serve to the customers by chef. Therefore, best affordable chef knife set is necessary for them. The knife a chef use will be the measure for the success. The knife must be handy, non-toxic and easy to clean. Chefs should look for the great product with the best price in the market to get the best affordable chef knife set for their kitchen.


List of 3 Best Affordable Chef Knife Set


  • Ross Henery Professional Eclipse Premium 9 Piece Knife Set


This is a brand new knife set for chefs that can do heavy works that is produced by Ross Henery Professional. 9 Piece Professional Chefs Knife set forged from one single piece of triple hardened, stainless steel. The knives in the set are designed to clean easily. They are very safe and hygiene. The blades are extremely sharp that can help chefs doing their cutting works so quickly and well. This is a perfect knife set for professional.


  • Victorinox 7-Piece Fibrox Handle Cutlery Set with Black Canvas Knife Roll

This is a Victorinox knife set for chefs that is the best in its class (yes, it is the best kitchen knives). The knives are designed to be used both for chefs at home. The blades are high carbon stainless-steel that are very sharp and edged. Iced temperature will help the sustainable of the sharpness. This is a perfect branded knife set for every chefs. Its affordable and handy that can be used for heavy cutlery works. You can see this set of knife on Top Chef.


  • The Genesis Series

This is the great set of knifes for chefs. The set include many kinds of knives for multi-function cutlery works. It consists of knives with sharp, high carbon stainless steel blades and non-slip grip handles. They absolutely toxic free and fully constructions. This is the best offering of cutlery set. From Germany that is NSF certified.

Best Chef Fillet Knife – Top 3 Fillet Knife Reviews

 Who wants the best chef fillet knife? That is because you want to prove that you can create quality food with professional equipment. Of course, the best technique in cooking is how you can cut carefully. And the best knife will tell you about the quality.

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Best Chef Fillet Knife Types in the Market

Well, read some reviews about it. There are many types that you can take notes of several factors. They are design and sharpness. However, we can also get a knife with a quality design and sharpness. And there are many types that we can get from it. So, if you want to get the best japanese chef fillet knife, you can consider these types. Also, you need to adjust your budget. Do not worry because there are many choices that are right for you and the kitchen.


List of 3 Recommended Best Chef Fillet Knife


  • Wusthof 4622 Fillet Knife
    You definitely want to get the best in the world; but you can count on Wusthof classic 4622 Fillet Knife as a consideration. It is an elegant knife that will make you interested in collecting it. Indeed, this is a product that is designed to function and design accuracy. Interestingly, it has a very pretty holster. You will use Synthetic traditional-style handles. This is a 7.1-inch flexible fillet knife for filleting who will accompany your activities in the kitchen. Get this now for $99.95. Oh yes, some say that it is also called miyabi kaizen chef's knife !


  • Wusthof Gourmet Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath
    Next is the Wusthof Gourmet 7-Inch Fish Fillet Knife with Leather Sheath. If you are going to slice fish, this is an appropriate choice. With a beautiful and perfect design, you only need to pay $ 59.95. It is German High Carbon no-stain steel X50CrMoV15. And you do not need to doubt this as important equipment in your kitchen. Note the sharpness and beautiful design. For more satisfactory results, you can cut a few slices to be served on your large platter.


  • Pure Komachi Santoku Knife
    You will need a cordless And only with $ 13.59, you will get a Pure Komachi 2 Series Santoku Knife. Indeed, this is a knife with an eccentric design similar to shun classic chef knife. Perhaps, this will only draw attention to women with pink handles and a great shape. But, you will always have a choice about this. This is definitely one of the best chef knife under 50!


Well, they are the three best knives to choose from. If you want a proficient cook, you have to practice. But you also need the right equipment. And get one right now in Amazon. Only at that site, you can get what you need. The best knives will always be the perfect start to your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Knives Set – Top 3 Kitchen Knife Set Reviews

You need the best kitchen knives set to help you to do most of your cooking task in the kitchen. A short review: the best set will give you a kitchen knife with quality that will make cutting is easier. To help you to find only the best, the best kitchen knife set reviews will give you further details that you cannot find by only looking at the descriptions.

Best Kitchen Knives Set Types in the Market

With various packages available, you will find that each kitchen knife set is different from one to another. There will be those kitchen knife sets that come with a steak knife and also with a sharpener. However, some others might not give you that. Instead, they will be available as a simple kitchen knife set that makes them the best with the best kitchen knife set reviews.

It is why you need to look at each of those kitchen knife sets thoroughly to find only the best kitchen knives set. Following are the best kitchen knives set 2018 that you can find with different features offered. You may pick any of them that you think the best by looking at the feature, the design, and the price available for each of them.

List of 3 Recommended Best Kitchen Knives Set

  • Ginsu 04817 International Tradition Set with Block, Natural

You will not find any further explanation to find this knife brand as the best kitchen knives. There are reviews that will let you know why this kitchen knife set is considered as the best. Furthermore, this brand has been considered as the best kitchen knife brands which will be another thing that makes it just an amazing knife that you can have today. You will find this kitchen knife set comes with 7 kitchen knives and 6 steak knives which will be added with a natural colored hardwood block. Best knife set under 200.


  • Chicago Cutlery Knife Set with Block and In-Block Sharpener

If you look for another option with a different design, this kitchen knife set can be your next best option. It comes with professional high-carbon stainless steel forged blades with a stainless steel handle that makes it look as a premium one. It will also come with Exclusive Taper Grind edge technology that will give it optimum sharpness. If you look for a premium design, this knife can be one of the best you can have.


  • Ginsu Chikara Knife Set with Bamboo Block

The next knife you need to make everything easier comes still from the best brand of kitchen knife. Ginsu will give you a kitchen knife set that will be little bit simpler. It comes with only 5 knives that consist of parting, utility, serrated, santoku and chef’s knife. Arguably not the best, but surely best knife set under £100. Get a great sharpener too to make it stay sharp!

With various choices available for those kitchen knife sets, you will find also various prices available for each of them. You will find that they will cost you from $40 to the most expensive of $140. It will be the best price that you can find for those bekitchen knife sets that come with quality you can find only at for the best offer and discount.

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