Best Keychain Knife of 2018

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The 7 Best Keychain Knife with the Greatest Designs in Nowadays Market

Knife nowadays not only created for its function but it also can be assumed as the art work. From that concept then the keychain knife is created. People will like to have this knife because besides of being used in line with the common function of knife, it also can give the beautiful appearance of its design. People can use it regularly as their keychain but when they need it they also can use it just like the common knife. When you are choosing the best keychain knifeĀ you must consider about its appearance at first before consider some other things.

SOG Specialty Knives KEY102 CP Stainless

What is actually interesting from this product is its main design. This one has the handle like key with the same dimension too with that. The material used for creating it is the stainless steel for its blade and its handle with the variations of the colors offered. The best one for the handle is golden color in common. There is the lifetime guarantee too for this part of the modern keychain tools and so you do not need to feel afraid about its damage one time. The guarantee about its safety during the open time also can be found through the Lockback additional function.

Snap 871008 Frame 8 Inch Length

The product will be the best one through its small dimension and its artistic design. Its small dimension makes the easiness for bringing this keychain pocket knife. The dark color dominated all parts of the knife also brings into the elegant appearance of the knife in whole. The whole part of its blade is made from qualified stainless steel that gives the guarantee about its longer time use than some other knives. You also can get the pocket clip along with this knife and there is the additional frame lock for making sure that this one is the safety one to be used.

Spyderco Slip Joint Plain Knife

The spyderco ladybug popularity cannot be denied as in the first list for certain people today. The knife actually has its interesting point through its simplest design with common small dimension of its blade. No black color found for the product but the product itself is made from the qualified material. There is the limited lifetime guarantee too can be found along with the product. No locking design found when its blade is opened. However, the knife also has the additional mechanism for making sure that it has resistant pressure during the time of its usage.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Pocket Knife

One of the criteria for the best keychain knife is that the knife must be the best keychain multi tool too. That can be found in the case of you are choosing the Victorinox Swiss Classic Pocket Knife. This one gives so many functions through its combination tools. It contains 6 tools created from stainless steel. That includes from the scissors, the nail file, the toothpick, the knife blade, and some other tools too. Its measure is not so big since it just 2.25 inches length. The product is made in Swiss that refers into the guarantee about its quality too.

Small Half Serrated Chain Pocket Knife

Among some types of the keychain knives, this one can be said as the smallest one with the funny design. Its dimension is only 4.26 inches when it is opened while when it is closed it just 2.5 inches length. Bringing this one becomes the easiest one too. Besides, its design also gives the possibility of getting the Lockback knife. The material used for the knife is stainless steel. You can open easily this knife through the thumb stud design of the blade knife. The black handle design with the hole for the chain will make this one as the completely beautiful knife.

Gerber Curve Knife

The gerber knives have the popularity because of its unique design and the guaranteed quality offered in general. This one also is like that. You can get the multi functions tools from the knife. That is actually amazing since the knife dimension is relatively small. It is then can be functioned for some purposes including military function, for surviving, or even for hunting. The aspect of the fashion is not denied from the knife design as the pocket knife. The quality offered for the customer is guaranteed through the fact that all tools are tested before.

Maxam Falcon IV Lockback Knife on a Key Chain

Choosing the best keychain knife can be done based on the consideration about its design and function. This product has the balanced offering for both of them. The small unique dimension of the knife makes its easiness to be brought. The razor style of one blade side also can give the additional function of the knife for you beside of the function for keychain knife self-defense weapon. You can get the box for choosing this one and at the same time there is also the limited lifetime guarantee for the customer who buys this unique knife.

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