Best Fixed Blade Knife for Self-Defense

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Best Fixed Blade Knife for Self-Defense – Weapon to Defense Yourself

Best fixed blade knife for self defense should be able to help you protect yourself from the danger of crime everywhere you are. These days, people also need to prepare weapon to bring, such as knives. However, there are really various types of blade you can use for self-defense purposes. Thus, you need to know first about the various types of the knives and what will each of the knife types give you. You can start by reading some reviews.

Best Fixed Blade Knife for Self Defense Types in the Market

As mentioned before, there are various knives out there that may overwhelm you. This is where the review can help you. By reading some reviews you can acknowledge which type of knife is good, so you can find one that will suit your need, taste and budget also.

For tips, there is another type of knife that is usually used by people other than the fixed blade knife. This knife is folding knife. The fixed knife is very useful for defense purpose if compared to the folding type. However, the beginner who has not yet used to bring the fixed knife can learn by using the folding knife.

Recommended best fixed blade knife for self defense in the Market

  • Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto Knife
    This fixed knife is a tactical knife that is featured with tanto point blade and sheath of Secure-Ex. The blade this knife is featured is 1055 carbon steel blade. It is hard spring temper and finish of black rust-resistant. T is also featured with polypropylene handle scales and integral quillon guard. This knife is priced $24.22.Top of FormBottom of Form
  • Survivor HK-7526 Outdoor Knife
    This knife overall length is 7.5”. It is featured with full tang black stainless steel blade reverse serration. The length of the tang is 3.5”. For the handle, it is 3.5” of military green cord wrapped with lanyard type, which is thick. The price of this knife $6.41.
  • MTECH USA Mt-20-12 Knife
    This knife is affixed blade type which overall length is 10”. The black blade is 3mm and the handle is from plastic material. For safety and it includes nylon fiber sheath. The price for this knife is $19.66.

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