Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

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Best Fillet Knife for Salmon – List of 3 Best Knives and Reviews


Fish salmon is very rich in nutrient and omega-3 that are contained in its meat. But, salmon fish is also known as a fish that has many bones that make its meat difficult to cut away. How to solve it? Fillet knife is the best answer. The best fillet knife for salmon is designed to separate the meat from the bones. So, you can take the pure nutritious and omega 3 from the meat without being disturbed by the bones.


Best Fillet Knife for Salmon Types in the Market


There are many fillet knives for salmon sold in market. But, not all of them are have a good quality. Usually, fillet knives only offer a good shape but it are easy to break. As the development of technology, fillet knives are divided into two kinds: electric fillet knives and manual fillet knives. The familiar brands usually give a good quality of manual fillet knives are Forschner 59216, F. Dick Kullenschliff, Kershaw 9" Fillet, or Kershaw 10" Breaking Granton Edge.


One of the ways to choose the knife is looking the knife which has a good grip or handle. The handle should be comfortable to stable in any position, which is why some blades that are designed to have a deep finger groove. The best grip is designed to provide a strong grip and becomes resistant to slip, especially when wet.


List of 3 Recommended Best Fillet Knife for Salmon


There are several fillet knives that are recommended for you to help you in fillet the flash from its bones. They are easy to brings, simple and functional. Below are their reviews:


  • Victorinox 47513 Flex Boning Knife
    Victorinox 47513 Flex Boning Knife is the best knives for filleting in the industry today. If you keep it sharp and take good care of it, the Victorinox 47513 will last you a long time and prove a trusty companion knife for your fishing and hunting trips. It is attractively priced and offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Shun Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet Knife
    This knife is unique for its blade which is layered and features about 33 layers of steel in it. The layers function to give the look as well as the feel of a Damascus blade. The handle of the knife is made of treated Pakkawood. The handle is D-shaped to make it easier to use the curved blade. Its blade has good moisture as well as corrosion-resistance. Its blade is also curved with a 16-degree angle to it to make it sharper than other regular knives.


  • Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife
    The knife has an 8” high carbon stainless steel blade that is perfect for preparing fish of all sizes. The blade is thin and has enough flex to allow it to be used for filleting medium and small fish easily like redfish. Knife maker Dexter-Russel has been hailed by anglers and hunters as one of the best knife makers for hunting and fillet knives. The handle if made of molded Grip-Tex plastic.


All best fillet knife for salmon above is sold in with the price about $20 until $35.

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