Best Fillet Knife for Flounder

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Best Fillet Knife for Flounder – Top 3 Knife Reviews


Have you ever found difficulties when separating the fish meat from his bones? Or you have to take part of the fish without damaging other parts? Then the fillet knife is the answer. Function is a best fillet knife for flounder used to fillet or separating meat from the bone when it is flounder such the meat of grouper fish. Usually this knife has more sharpness, so when fillet, meat has a smooth texture.


Best Fillet Knife for Flounder Types in the Market


There are many fillet knives sold in market. But, not all of them have a good quality. Usually, fillet knives are just over a good shape but they are easy to break. The familiar brands usually give a good quality such Wusthof, Rada Cutlery, Rapala, Buck, Kershaw and others.


One of some ways to choose the knife is looking the knife which is not easy to rust. Rust on the blades can be attached to the food like halibut fish and can cause disease. The materials used to make the blades are stainless steel as a material that does not rust. Other materials that can be made into knives are ceramic. Ceramic knife has advantages over stainless steel blades. The surplus is a ceramic blade does not need sharpening to stay sharp. However, the price is more expensive ceramic knives and need to be careful when using ceramic knife because it may break.


List of 3 Recommended Best Fillet Knife for Flounder


There are several fillet knives that are recommended for you to help you in fillet the flash from its bones. They are easy to brings, simple and functional. Below are their reviews:


  • Rapala Classic Curved Fillet
    This best fillet knife for flounder is not pliant that can make it troubled in making a sharp cut. While the blade’s curvature is liked by saltwater anglers, the advantages are neglected in Utah’s freshwater specieses. At only $20, you can have this knife home. Rapala has good lures, but some of the other products for fishing are not too good in quality. The fillet knife is somewhere in between. At $20, it’s the cheapest knife you will get in the review, with some limitations.


  • Kershaw 1289 Pro-Grade
    This blade features substantial flex, which makes it possible to navigate bones as well as geting a good fillet. This knife is balanced, as well as the handle feels great in hand. Kershaw’s 1289 has a 9' blade, the longest compared to other knives in the review. While 9" is more than you will need if you are catching a trout in  Uintas, it is really handy when you are filleting a bass from Powell or you are filleting a pike from Yuba. It is available in any species of fish like crappie fish.


  • Kershaw 1256 folding fillet knife
    The 6-inch blade is 420J2 stainless steel, which is softer than some of the other knives reviewed here. It has a nice grip to it and adapts well to the job. Kershaw designed this knife for anglers who do not want to deal with the bulkiness of a regular knife, as well as the blade of this knife folds into its 7" handle for easy storage and transport. The contours in the handle make a secure grip.


The best fillet knife for flounder above is sold in with the price about $20 until $35.

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