Best EDC Knife – Top 5 Everyday Carry Knives with Reviews 2018

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Best EDC Knife of 2018 - When we are in the forest and find that the equipment we carry is not complete. We forgot to bring a hunting knife. This tool is one of the most important tools because it has many practical functions. Sometimes we need to cut something. Therefore you should look for Best EDC knife as part of your hunting knife. The biggest reason that people quote to reject this tool is because they do not understand how to resolve the issue properly. After they read the reviews about EDC knife, we believe their views will change significantly. There are important things that really need to be changed, do not be like a prude who did not want to accept the changing times.

Best EDC Knife 2018

What to Look For

When we want to get the best knife, of course there are some brands that you will encounter in the market. Almost all brands claiming that they are the best. But what must be considered from a best knife is the resilience of the blade to make more real and profound change. If the knife is made ​​with the best material, the knives will really be able to give you what you expect. Best EDC knife fall into that category because of the ability and resilience possessed.

You do not need to continuously sharpen EDC knives because only once sharpening you can use it for a period of five years. In contrast, other knives in general will be blunt when used with intense period of 6 months to 2 years. The best thing of EDC is the ability to survive despite the time pressure in their longest term. We chose the 5 best knives for then written in the form of EDC knife best reviews so that you easily get references. Here are some types of knives that have entered our list:

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Best 5 Selected Best EDC Knife List

Top Selected EDC Knife Rating Price
Tenacious Spyderco Knife Plain Edge 4.5 34 .95 USD
GERBER 30-000643 Fine Contrast Assisted Opening Knife Edge 4 37. 9 USD
Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife (Black) 4 98.22 USD
Cryo Kershaw Knife 4 24.99 USD
Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed blade Pro, Survival Knife with Sheath 4 64 .8 USD

Plain Edge Knife Spyderco Tenacious

As one of the super knives choice, this product has advantages over other products. Indeed, if you choose the Best EDC knife, Spyderco Tenacious will be in the first place because of great tactical ability. The specifications for the dimensions are 86mm long blade. Blade material is stainless steel with 8CR13MOV code. Spyderco could be included into cheap knife category.

If other product can match the toughness of Spyderco, then you can turn to them. Unfortunately, this product is too cool to pass up. Moreover, it is added with some decorations on the grip. Spyderco makes grips with a very strong plastic material. Moreover ornament mounted really makes you feel like by setting clear choice. Some opinions are needed in this case is still an obvious choice. Therefore, you will make a very good plan. The blades are able to work well because it is done in earnest. Swiss army armed their squadron with Spyderco as a mandatory weapon because it’s very tactical.

Selection of EDC knife must have an answer seriously. Somehow the changes made, but since you know about the development of EDC, Spyderco has been able to provide more things to you. We believe the quality offered able to defeat the other knife. This made ​​us decide to put Spyderco in the top list of the Best EDC knife.

Contrast Assisted Opening Knife Edge

GERBER become one of the best knives that have extraordinary ability. Basically, you will be at your best multiple stages quickly. Now you need to make revisions because Gerber has a sophisticated opening mechanism. Having a lock as a security panel and made with classy material. This EDC is designed as pocket knife so you may fold it.

As one of the Best EDC knife, Gerber certainly do not want to lose prestige by making a knife carelessly. They must already take into account how the knife was made. Start by compiling high-quality steel coupled with a forging in super serious process, Gerber will be your best choice based on the options available. With so Gerber will never wits to disobey. Some ways can be passed with a variety of reasons. But the only thing that can be controlled may still be secret.

Various reasons appear to support the chosen Gerber 30-000643 series. You will not be able to get into trouble because there are some simple things that can be obtained. Moreover, coupled with the best quality materials which are used, Gerber increasingly be in the forefront in setting up the EDC knife. If you look at the process of testing being run, you would be very surprised to see the ability of this EDC knife.

Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife (Black)

Best EDC Knife under 100

Ontario will include a list of the best fixed blade services by using several stages in detail. When you see the real capabilities in Ontario with 3.5 inch plain edge on the blade with a length of 4.5 inches when closed and opens with a length of 8.5 inches. It weighs only 5 ounces. It also made with AUS-8 stainless special. 8848 Ontario deserve to get into the Best EDC knife.  It is very small but impressive ability.

Ontario is clearly designing it seriously. They may not want to sacrifice the opportunity to sell more blades. Look at the strength of the blade you are viewing, are it not very loud and can be used for any chop? Due to the great power possessed, we feel that the Ontario deserve included in the list of best-EDC knife. If you are curious about the ability of Ontario 8848, we already had some test. Began from testing the sharpness up to several steps further. We don’t know why, but Nutnfancy said that Ontario 8848 is the best on their latest video.

With the current conditions, 8848 Ontario clearly has very much advantage.Start in terms of price to quality ratio of materials used very close to perfection.Therefore, most people will immediately approve if we offer Ontario 8848. And you know that in the market there are hundreds of famous brand knives.Interestingly, all these knives still less than Ontario.

Kershaw Knife Cryo

As one of the best knife, Kershaw has the uncanny ability of being able to tread the fine. Developments that you have encountered only within the specific range can help you in choosing. With special steel coated titanium material that has the ability like carbon nitrate, you will really feel lucky with its cheap price.

Kershaw inexplicably referred to as one of the best pocket EDC knife. They certainly do not need to be ruled out until you are able to survive well. Kershaw still holds the key defense where they will be ready to provide more opportunities to the customers. Nevertheless, you should not feel worried because somehow the idea would have been expected in the palm of your hand. As best EDC knife, Kershaw would have thought of a plan that really prepared seriously.After passing through several stages, Kershaw managed to position them as one of the best brand EDC knife.We have been able to prepare the data to make you believe in the ability of Kershaw.Do you still feel hesitant to Kershaw?

The price offered by Cryo Knife Kershaw for this type could be said as exceptional.However, the reason for the development is still very far from expectations.

Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Fixed blade Pro

Gerber provides the best selection of other special EDC those in the series 31-001901. This knife has a premium 9CR19MoV steel material so that the resilience is clearly more than other fixed blades.

The opportunity to open space had already become a privilege. Meanwhile, what is known is not necessarily an attractive choice. If we know that there are some things that make you confused, we will describe another interesting fact from Gerber 3-001901. Knife handle is made very handy with some kind of a remarkable difference. Meanwhile, the limitations idea that is being reached seems less attractive. Especially when juxtaposed with the presence of the choices that feels increasingly faded. The quality of Gerber will look when you use it on a media that really hard. As one of the best EDC knife, of course what is seen now would be a major influence for you.

1660 Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife

Kershaw once again provides an interesting overview of their type of knife. They have a remarkable picture as carefully designed as one of the best EDC knife. The length of Kershaw 1660 reached 4 inch when you close the knife. However, the knife has a light weight because there is only in the range of 3.1 ounces only. Imagine how this knife can be very mild while the material used is Damascus steel. Of course you feel confused by it. But do not get confused with this cool knife, elegant and luxurious impression immediately felt when you hold it. Coupled with an opening system that is supported by safe speed ambidextrous. It is often found that there are some parts were deemed less attractive. However note that the blade is very sharp turns. Type of steel used is stainless 14C28N. For the handle, Kershaw is using a type of bead-blasted stainless steel. The ability of very sharp incision becomes a clear enough picture for you.

Columbia River Knife

Best EDC Knife in the world

Columbia issued several best EDC knife. The one that got us to take is 01KZ M16. This knife has a quite outstanding ability in terms of use. You will never realize how wonderful the ability of the knife, until you realize that Columbia did business very carefully. Ranging from the length of the blade reaches 3 inch when closed, very small, coupled with the selection of AUS steel 4. AUS steel series 4 is the strongest type of steel. The blade is able to withstand loads up to 1 ton but it’s very lightweight.Then imagine how the strength of the blade for you.Once you understand the power increase is done, do you still have doubts?Moreover, the presence of black Zytel handle that adds value to the decor at the same comfortable feeling when you hold it.It can actuate automatically to protect the user.You will certainly understand that it was very unusual and the selection will not be in vain.

Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-10KZ 3-Inch Black Folding Knife

Columbia is still serving their best folding knife.Now we introduce the twin of M16, which is M16 the black series.In the black series, the knife has AutoLAWK technology that will work automatically to protect you.By ensuring the safety of the user, of course you would want to see the development of this blade.However, Columbia's black series using Tanto blade making it easier to use on a daily purpose.

Exskelibur II Boker Plus Knife

Boker become champions also by relying Boker plus Exskelibur II. Indeed, its name seems a little strange because it seemed similar to the Excalibur, but see how the capabilities, lightweight-ness and specifications in advance.Boker using blue anodized titanium for the main ingredient blade.Imagine titanium!!Now we are no longer talking about steel, but titanium, as one of the best metal fibers with the highest density and hardness level of steel exceeded.Do you still refuse to buy it?After knowing the use of blade designed with 440C satin finishing, you must grow confident because this product is very remarkable.For the price, do not worry because it costs only 42.39 USD.

Kershaw Skyline Knife with Textured Black G-10 Handle

Although still in line with the another kind of best EDC knife, but Kershaw still give their best products, Kershaw Skyline G10, to be marketed to you. Length of the blade reaches the range of 3 inches when closed. It could be stated as lightweight knife. However, because the design is very slim, so this knife will not look difficult when stored. You even feel very happy because of the material used is Sandvik; it is able to penetrate the boundary changes as you desire at first. Later you will get more knives of this sort. Weight blades reach 2.3 ounces with steel blade. Sved stainless steel is one of the strongest materials in addition with Damask Steel. And that choice is a consequence of their best knife for what you get. We feel confident that the choice of the knife is enough to be a friend for your hunting in the forest. When you find the prey, the blade is able to cut it. Even the blade is able to make you feel like using the coolest handle. The price offered for the blade reaches 41 USD, and we give the rating 4.5 out of a maximum of 5. Do not worry because you have selected the best EDC knife. Nutnfancy in YouTube says that it was the best.

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