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Best Custom Fixed Blade Knife – Reviews on 3 Custom Knives

How do you feel having your personal knife that is different from any other knives? Most of the design of the knife these days might have evolved. However, still there are so many of them out there. How about having your own personal knife with special design that is made suited for your need with these Best Custom Fixed Blade Knife?

Best Custom Fixed Blade Knife Types in the Market

You should know that there are so many types of knives there. Each of them have so many special designs that give so many extra comfort and use in a knife. The grip could be modified to sustain special use. Te blade could be made into certain curve so you can use it easier for something you like.

Those kind of blade is the custom blade. You can also look for blade that is similar to the one that is used by your favorite movie, or game character. For example, you can look for custom knife similar to the one used by the portagonist of the game Assasin’s Creed. That kind of order is possible if you choose custom knife.

List of Recommended Best Custom Fixed Blade Knife

Here are several selections of the best customer knife taken from  reviews on

  • Custom Hand-made Cochise Damascus Knife
    This hunting knife has a nice handle and durable sharp blade suitable for hunting. Not to mention the blade is engraved with beautiful shapes middle age shapes that makes your blade cool and feel so old and ancient.
  • Knife King Custom Damascus Handmade Knife
    Want to have an ancient knife for your personal knife? This is a perfect knife for you who want this. The blade maybe looks old and the beautiful ancient engraved in the blade might make the blade looks not dependable. However, that is not true. This is a sharp blade with durable blade.
  • Custom Hand-made Gurkha Damascus Knife - Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
    This is a very nice designed blade that has a tribal design on the blade. The beauty itself makes the blade to be worthy enough as a precious collection. However, if you want to use it for practical use, this custom hunting blade is also very reliable for jungle and any types of landscape survival based on review.

Those knives are both good in look and use. And most of it, they can be ordered via You do not have to wait for a long time because they are all ready stock. Just a few days and the custom blade will be yours with about $80. You can have the best custom fixed blade knife to be used or for your collection.

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