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Best Concealed Fixed Blade Knife – Reviews on 3 Best Knives

These days, it is very convenient to at least have standard self-defence weapon in your possession whenever you are out down town. Also, having your own knife during a fishing trip or an outdoor camp will also help you a lot. Knife has a lot of uses actually. There are also a lot of kind of knife that is very useful in daily life. But carying knife in broad daylight will earn suspicious gaze from your surrounding. But with these best concealed fixed blade knife, you can still walk safe without looking suspicious.

Best Concealed Fixed Blade Knife Types in the Market

You should know that there are a lot of types of knives out there. The one you most commonly see must be kitchen knife and survival knife. Sure the survival knife looks cool, but it is too dangerous to carry around in town. There are also the protable types with smaller size and lighter design. There are also the bigged knife for hard work and stable.

If you are the type to go outdoor, then the portable knife is better for you to carry. When you look to have your knife at your posession always, the concealed type will fit your need the best. Because, just like the name, it is a type of knife that does not look like one. There are those with key-chain shape, and there are also those comes with concealing sheath for camouflage.

List of Recommended Best Concealed Fixed Blade Knife

Now here are several recommendation for a nice and affordable conceal knife with review:

  • Airsoft Fatman Airsoft Aluminum Knife
    This is a very nice concealed knife that you can bring around as your keychain. The blade is concealed well but when you need it, it only needs a flip and the blade will come out alright. The blade is sharp and durable. The grip is pretty comfortable for a concealed blade. It is suitable for those who like outdoor camp.
  • OG Specialty Knives&Tools M37N-CP Knife
    This type of blade is made with comfort as the main aspect. The handle is made of the anti-slip grip. That suits your fingers and you can use this knife for various purpose but the most popular use is for clearing path or camping site during your outdoor camping.
  • IZULA Concealed Carry Knife Black
    The IZULA is already famous for making sharp blade with good sense in design. This series is also another masterpiece from IZULA. This looks like simple kitchen knife but with smaller size. However the grip is still made to be the best grip for your use. Rather than for a clearing and survival knife, this one is more suitable as emergency kitchen kinife for your outdoor cooking.

When you choose one of those, you can find a good one that suits your needs. Every selections up there is already recommended based on good reviews on You can also get one of those with around $50. You can choose the best concealed fixed blade knife you want.

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