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Best Cheap Pocket Knife – Top 3 Best Cheap Pocket Knife

These days, there are best cheap pocket knife you can get, because you will find more than you can find in the shop around your residence. You will also find that the internet can be the place where you will find all kinds of knives you are looking for. Here are some of the best knives with reasonable and cheap price that you may want to you consider.

Best Cheap Pocket Knife Types in the Market

The best pocket knife come with many types. From the many types, the general types are folding and fixed knife. The folding knife is said to be suitable for beginner, because it can be folded, which safer. On the other hand, the fixed knife has sharper blade that makes it effective in doing the job.

You can check on review of the best pocket knife with affordable price, as they will give you recommendation that you can consider. You can also get useful and important information regarding the knife.

List of 3 Best Cheap Pocket Knife

    • MTECH USA MT-378 Tactical Knife
      This knife is folding type that is featured with blade of 440 stainless steel tanto chisel. The blade type is point blade. The handle of this knife is brushed metal black steel. This folding knife has system of liner-lock and thumb stud, so that it will be easier to open. The length of the blade is 4.5 inches when closed, and is 7.75 inches when closed. The length of the blade is 3.125 inches.
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    • MTECH USA MT-424 Series Tactical Knife
      This knife is folding type knife with blade which sharpness is like razor. It also comes with secure liner locking with 440 stainless steel blade with finish of matte black. This knife is also multi-features folding rescue knife. This knife comes with open thumb stud that is easy to open and convenient belt clip. The measurement of the knife is 7.875 inches when open, and is 4.75 inches when closed. The blade length is 3.25-inch. The handle is made of black aluminum with grip that is textured. This knife comes with glass breaker and seat belt cutter.
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  • Gerber 31-000760 Bear Grylls Survival Knife
    This knife is a folding type knife that is light in weight. The blade featured in this knife is1/2 serrated high carbon stainless steel drop point, which is the right knife for rope cutting and edge retention. For easy opening, the knife is also featured with nail nick in blade. There is also lock back that locks the blade in place securely and maximizes the safety when you close the knife. In the handle of this best cheap pocket knife, the oversized finger notch help in minimizing slipping, as well as give you the priority of guide of survival pocket.

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