Best Automatic Knife of 2018

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The 7 Best Automatic Knife with some Additional Functions Offered for Modern Use

People commonly like the automatic knife because of its multi-function and at the same time its easiness to be used. Using the automatic knife of course will be more appropriate for modern people than if they use the common knife. Automatic knife actually is the product of modern time. It is designed to make sure that it can be used easily and it can help to finish some simple works. Nowadays, the great variations of the knife can be found easily. You then must be careful to choose the best automatic knife to make sure that it can be used perfectly.

TAC Force TF 469 Gentlemans Pakkawood

As it is said in the best automatic knife review, this knife is titled as the best one because of its simple and elegant design. The small length dimension that reaches only 7 inch makes it really easy to be brought. The handle made from pakkawood material gives the strength of the handle to give its guarantee of long time used. The combination between its brown color handle and the black color of stainless steel blade also becomes the interesting offering for modern people. It includes too the pocket clip along with this great knife for you.

Gerber 22-01966 Covert Knife Serrated

The gerber dmf auto like this one will be so interesting for people who like the simple appearance of modern automatic knife. The domination of black color for the blade and the handle makes its interesting appearance in whole. The variations of the functions can be referred into the knife like hunting and surviving or even for military purpose also shows its guaranteed quality. The small dimension of the blade gives the easiness for bringing this automatic knife. The knife is offered along with the pocket clip too with the same style.

Schrade Viper Black Handle Blade

The Schrade Viper Black Handle Blade can be included into the type of the best automatic knife under 50. The best quality can be gained from this knife while at the same time you just need to pay a little is actually the interesting offering for you. The knife is offered in two types of the design. You can choose the one with black handle and black blade while you also can choose the one that has the black handle but with the contrary appearance of the blade design. The handle is designed artistically for preventing from slip handling.

Benchmade F.O Automatic Black Safety

As the best automatic knife, this one offers the new experience of handling the small knife. Just like other types of automatic knives, this one is dominated by black color from its handle into its blade. This knife is the standard type used by Armed Forces today because of its high quality. However, this knife cannot be included into the best automatic knife under 200 since its price is actually higher than $ 200. You can get the quality just by paying the appropriate price. You can get this automatic knife from certain authorized dealer only.

Schrade SCHOTF8TBS Actuator Serrated Packaging

If you know the qualified automatic knife store and you are asking for the best knife made in USA, you will get this one as the first one to be offered. The product is guaranteed as the qualified one through the long history of schrade for making some types of automatic knives until now. The design of the knife itself is special one. Its larger and longer handle than its blade gives more balance for using it effectively. The blade is made from the high qualified material for making sure that this knife is the type of long time used knife specially created.

TAC Force TF 705GY Assisted Half Serrated

This knife type is the best automatic knife for the money because of its low price offered. At the same time, you actually can get the great functioned knife completely. The knife is design only in 4.5 inches when it is closed. The whole design is interesting because it is created in unique form. Its blade is made from the black stainless steel material to give the guarantee about its quality. At the same time, its handle is made from the grey aluminum material. There are some additional functions can be gained from it including the can opener, the glass breaker, and the pocket clip too.

Joker Assisted Pocket Knife Black

The joker assisted pocket knife black is the last one to be mentioned among some cheap and the best automatic knife today. This one has the simple dimension and the short length too at the same time. When you need the qualified of the automatic pocket knife, you can choose this one instead of choosing some others. Its blade is made from stainless steel while its handle is created from the special aluminum material. That makes its weight is really soft. That is the other benefit to be gained from this knife type for today.

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