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Best Affordable Fixed Blade Knife - 3 Most Recommended Knives and Reviews

When shopping for outdoor activity gear, knife is the most important. Ouutdoor knife could be our only lifeline when we are doing outdoor camping in a new area. We have to survive and do lots of things that need a sturdy and reliable knife at our posession. However, when we are looking for a good quality knife, usually we have to dig deep in our pocket because most of them are not inexpensive. Now, if you are broke right now but you still want a nice and reliable survival knife, these selections of best affordable fixed blade knife will help you.

Best Affordable Fixed Blade Knife Types in the Market

There are several types of knives, in the market. However, the one with the most sturdy built is the outdoor or survival knife. The other one will be kitchen knife which is also developing rapidly these days. The outdoor knife is of course more portable and easy to carry compared to the kitchen knife.

If you are looking for knife for camping, then the outdoor or survival knife will serve better than the kitchen knife. Even though you are planning to use the knife for cooking, there is no need to deliberatedly choose the kitchen knife because survival knife could be used both for cooking and for other outdoor activities.

List of Recommended Best Affordable Fixed Blade Knife

Here are selections of affordable survival knife based on good reviews:

  • Survivor HK-7526 Outdoor Knife
    This one is highly recommended. The design is straight and sturdy. You can cook or cut veins with this survival knife. It also comes with a unique sheath that will protect you from the knife while allows an easy access to the knife when needed.
  • Survivor Outdoor HK-1036S Knife
    This survival knife with a black sheath and a black design is made to be thick and has high durability. The sheath is made of kydex so it is strong and flexible at the same time. Despite the look, the knife is pretty light. So light that you want to carry it anywhere you go.
  • MTECH USA Rescue Team Fixed Blade Survival Knife
    This knife has a simple design, but that is because the concentration of the design of this knife is the performance. This is very easy to handle and whenever you want to use the knife, you just have to unsheath it. Too bad though the sheath is very simple and will not let your hang it somewhere in your carrier.

Those knives are good cheap knives with nice designs. The performance is also good despite the cheap price. You can get them at with around $10. Just order there and you can get the knife delivered to your address in no time. There is always a new stock onĀ  best affordable fixed blade knife.

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