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Best 3 Piece Knife Set – Comparison on 3 Knives and their Features


Best 3 piece knife set is not only useful for you but also for everyone who likes cooking. The three knives in the set have different kind of function. A knife to cut onions and a knife to slice breads are different. So this set of knives will be so useful for your cutlery works and that is why you better learn the review about the types of knife set to get the best deal.


Best 3 Piece Knife Set Types in the Market


There are some types of knife set you can compare before you buy. Types represent functions, colors and materials of the block set. Three pieces of knives will have different purposes of cutting; for slicing, for paring, for carving. It can be also bread, a meat or a fillet knife. Just find the best deal type for you to get the right one.


The knives in the best 3 knife set might have different color options as you wish to choose. Grey blades with black handles are the very common ones can find in the market. And for keeping the knives in, wooden or plastic block sets are available in the market.  Brands may also represent their quality and performance. Well-known brands are usually better to buy but maybe for those branded ones you will not get the cheapest price.


List of 3 Best 3 Piece Knife Set


  • Wusthof Classic 3 Piece Cooks Knife Set

It is a Germany knife set that is environment friendly. The knife is very helpful both for home cooks and for chefs at restaurant. A Set of knife includes a cook's Knife, a Utility Knife and a Paring Knife. These knives are available in many colors, such as pink or blue. The color you pick might match your kitchen well. The sharp blades of the knives help you a lot with your cutlery works. And because they have a protective cover, injuries might be prevented. This knife set will bring you to become a professional cook at your house


  • Cryotex knife set

The design is very elegant and stylist. The set consist of four sleek and slender knives coated with ceramic that will make your works of cutting and cleaning easier. This set includes four sharp, though and strong cryogenic knives. The sharpness is durable, and it can adapt in high and low temperatures. The handle is an easy-grip one. It has a protective cover that may avoid injuries while not in-use.  This set contains of a chef’s knife, a fillet knife and a paring knife. When you use this knife, you will get a professional cutting result.


  • J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Forged Synergy 3-pc Starter Knife Set
    This set ofstarter knives is produced by Henckels. It consists of a 3-piece starter knife set including a paring knife, a utility knife, and a chef's knife the knives in the set are Hygienic, and break proof,    the blades are high quality stainless-steel that are stain and rust resistant. This set can help you start doing your cutlery works fun and easily

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