How about Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine?

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How about Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine?



Budget Travel magazine reviews

Can anyone tell us deeper review about Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine? We heard about this travel magazine as the magazine that comes straight from the experts, a traveler, Arthur Frommer. He is the senior traveler who is able to devote attention to traveling world. He wrote many things about people, places, advices, information, possibilities, etc. related to traveling hobby. Coming from a hobby then he created the magazine and became a favorite for its subscribers.


Some people say about its good content, complete, and so informative for people who really like traveling the world or just a hobby listening to journey stories. There are many Arthur Frommer’s travel magazine’s subscribers in the world since several years. Some of them expressed positive thoughts about this magazine, while some others expressed negative opinions since the financial problems in the company last year. Some who feel inconvenience with financial problems (huge debt) that struck Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine, stating unsubscribe until the problem subsides.


What’s the problem?

Why do some people claim to unsubscribe? Among other reasons, they might like these:

“Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine has taken a wrong turn. The cash-strapped magazine is struggling under the ownership of hedge-fund manager Alphonse “Buddy” Fletcher Jr., who acquired it in 2010 from Newsweek. Budget Travel’s mounting debts may keep its November-December issue off the newsstands, according to sources. The magazine has been dropped by the company that handles its subscriptions, and it owes hundreds of thousands to its disgruntled paper supplier. Meanwhile, Fletcher is trying to unload the magazine, but any sale could be complicated by the bankruptcy turmoil that has engulfed his hedge fund, Fletcher International”, as posted on


Who agreed with statement above, some of them will re-subscribe if the Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine’s company financial problems well finished. They prefer to pay $3/year. Of course, who would pay handsomely for online magazine subscriptions that are experiencing decline in quality? However, does Arthur Frommer’s magazine like that now? Or it’s just too excessive statement?


Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine review

We found a review that looks smart at One of the most helpful reviews was submitted by Bryan Carey, a resident of Houston. He stated in Pro that the magazine presents a lot of good advice and tips, fun, lots of adventurous articles, and affordable subscription rates. And only slightly expressed Cons about some department that still need to be polished to be more beneficial for everyone reading.


Bryan said that person behind Budget Travel is a great person with real experience in adventure traveling, vacation, visiting many interesting places in the world, etc. Arthur Frommer is able to present the concept of a fun vacation, adventure traveling, with all the tips and smart advice. A lot of intelligent information very useful for those who like traveling, for those who are planning a lovely day for holiday, as well as those who just want reading entertainment about other people’s travel experiences and review interesting places around the world. Bryan stated that $12/year subscription is great price for a very complete Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine.

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