Air Travel Rules Keep Passengers Safe during Flight

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Air Travel Rules Keep Passengers Safe during Flight


Travel luggage restriction

Air travel rules are made to keep all passengers safe during the flight. One of the rules deals with the luggage restriction. Some items which are considered as dangerous and harmful are prohibited. One of the air luggage rules deals with gels or liquids. For practical use, people usually carry personal care items such shampoo, facial foam gels, lotion, and the like in their carry-on luggage. There are rules for this. The amounts of the containers are limited to only 3 oz, not more than that. In addition that should be marked meaning the containers have labels describing the composition and size. Without such labels, the security cannot know what substance containing in the gels or liquids. If the security find personal care items without any labeling and the amount exceed 3 oz, you have to move them to check-on luggage, post them, or even leave them at the checkpoint. Apart from gels and liquids, there are many other things that are prohibited to be carried in carry-on luggage such as fireworks, gasoline, bleach, and other items that are likely to explode or burn. Sport equipment is also prohibited to be carried in carry-on luggage but permitted to be placed in checked luggage.

Pets’ regulation

Do you have lovely pets? Of course you should bring them with you if you have a vacation. Different airlines may have different air travel rules for pet. If you bring your pets, they should be put into a carrier that meets the specific airline regulation. The pets should not cause disturbance to other passengers in the flight. You should also bring the medical letter written by a licensed veterinarian saying the pet has a pre-flight test and basic vaccinations. Commonly, passengers are allowed to bring small animals such as cats, puppies, canaries, and ferrets to the cabin as long as you crate them. Bigger animals cannot be brought to the cabin. Instead, they should be place in the cargo area. If the temperature is either extremely cold or hot, most airlines will delay the pets from traveling in cargo. They should wait until the temperature gets fine. Remember that you are charged for additional fee for taking your pet to the cabin.

Rules on the use of communication devices

Airlines also set tight rules on the use of communication devices. You are allowed to bring communication devices like mobile phones, laptops, iPods, or e-Readers in the cabin but make sure you turn them off. Why? It is because those communication devices produce electromagnetic wave that can obstruct the flight control system when the plane is taking off or landing. That is why based on the air travel regulation you should turn off your cell phones, PEDs, and other communication devices. There are some electronic devices which don’t have communication functions that are allowed to be used during the flight. Those exceptions include heart pacemakers, hearing devices and electric shavers. You should obey all of the air travel rules for safety flight.

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