Air Travel Regulations after 9/11 Tragedy

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Air Travel Regulations after 9/11 Tragedy


Flight rules after WTC tragedy

As we all know that after the attack of the World Trade Center or so-called 9/11, the world has finally woken up to build a high-security airport. They were aware. An increasing number of threats that come make all airports to not only improve airport security, but also impose tight regulations. One is as we realize that the number of items that may be carried by passengers to be very little. This restriction is imposed on the baggage and cabin, but more stringent in the cabin being hijacked to carry dangerous goods or weapons. Air travel regulations also make many people uncomfortable because it makes checking more complicated.

Air travel regulations today have increased to much more stringent since the tragedy on 9 September 2001. The community must be vigilant and alert to the actions of what should be done when we arrived at the airport and are on the plane. You have to remove fear and panic, because it is definitely control and airport security was very tight. According to local airport officials in U.S. cities, this is a good way to be better prepared to handle this situation is to stay abreast of the rules and procedures prescribed after the tragedy of 9/11.

Several points in air travel regulations

A representative of the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County airport, Michael Conway, has stated through the media of New York, advised public to put a Ziploc plastic bag at the top, put laptop inside grey bucket before scanned by security in order to speed up the queue. For those who are traveling as a family, parents should give lessons to the children about the rules and checkpoint security procedures, such as removing shoes, putting electronic devices such as Game Boy into grey bucket. The experts also stressed passengers not to come too early because if it came four hours before the flight, beside its wasting time, it will not accelerate. In fact, it will make the airport became too crowded, and as if the security team should increase the number of security staff.

Los Angeles International Airport has warned passengers not to bring prohibited items into the cabin, such as folding knives, hunting equipment, fishing, or camping. Besides, stuff toys or accessories shaped tools that are prohibited are also not allowed into the cabin including a toy gun or a grenade or knife-shaped accessories, and scissors. To prevent longer checking, people should be smart in wearing accessories and in selecting items to be included in the cabin.

From Full Body Screening to Greeting

One of the last air travel regulations is the use of full body screening. Checking completely will be done from head to toe for all passengers. Then, it is also supported by tactics for not turning in-flight audio and video navigation programs to inform passengers that the situation was in danger. More recently, according to the Federal Flight Deck Officers, TSA also issued licenses to hundreds of senior pilots to carry guns and pistols in the plane. Some airline pilots do some sort of welcome or greeting to all passengers at the door of the plane. This way, they can see the faces of passengers and eye contact, so if there is unusual behavior on passengers they immediately report it to the security team.

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